Universiade-2017: the Reserve shows ambition

Ekaterina LUTSENKO won in Taipei two medals. Photo: FGI

Traditionally, large multi-sport tournaments, gymnastics is located at the end of his program, so fans of this sport had to be patient.

And, as it turned out, it was worth it!

Before flying to Taipei for a follow-up training our girls-gruppovushki emphasized that going to the Universiade for the sole purpose of getting on the podium. They say, they are quite capable of it. And very much wanted to believe them. So it is especially nice that they actually followed the principle: it is done!

On Monday, Valeria gudym, Alina Bagno, Daria Owl, Anastasia Podrushnyak and Marina Makarova appeared in the all-around is really a powerful and cohesive team. Technically complex and artistically fascinating songs they performed on envy is excellent, although with three balls and two jump ropes the judges still have recorded them a few small errors.

Hence, the evaluation of 16,000, while the Russian team has received this kind of program 16,350. But to contrast to the amazing masterpiece of Ukrainians with five hoops neither the Russians nor anybody else was nothing. And the referees reward them for it, on merit 17,550, which has allowed our gymnasts to be Champions of the Universiade in all-around!

And Russian athletes, by the way, with the hoops decently screwed up, and in the end missed out on the silver step of the podium five of Taiwan. Well, when the judges do their work as professionally – and then the result is obvious!

As you know, in the games the Ukrainian team in rhythmic gymnastics went with the second squad because all major athletes continued preparations for the world Cup, starting tomorrow in the Italian city of Pesaro. However, if anyone thought that our, so to speak, reservists, will be unable to fight in Taipei for a place on the podium, he badly miscalculated. In fact, almost every exit on the carpet accompanied by winning medals.

Yesterday gymnast-gruppovushki added to the gold in the all-around and another bronze in the exercises with three balls and two jump ropes. This can be considered a good result, because in working with these subjects the girls have some error, and the impact they have objectively considered the arrangement with five wraps. However, this time the “main weapon” didn’t work – athletes do not avoid visible for referees mistakes and as a result took only the sixth place. But in any case, their performances in Taipei has left positive emotions.

As for the performances of lychnis, here is reputation of the domestic rhythmic gymnastics supported Catherine Lutsenko, who won silver in the exercises with a Hoop and a bronze medal for “taming” the insidious clubs. Unfortunately, worse failed her composition with the ball and especially with the ribbon. However, two awards of the level of the Universiade is too high and a pleasant achievement.


For our volleyball tournament beginning has developed successfully: wards of state krastiņš took first place in the group, taking the top under “zero” on the parties over the Portuguese and Latvians and pyatisetovy confrontation over Korea. Then in the quarterfinals was defeated formidable Brazilians (3:1) and increasingly in the approaching the end of the tunnel was lit a long-awaited medals.

However in the semifinals the way Ukrainians fled all of a sudden who later became the Champions of the Universiade daring the Iranians, which caused our boys to “dry” in sets defeat. Moreover, according to statistics, in attack and on the block the balance of points scored in these elements rivals was a draw. But part of aces (8:0) and made their own mistakes (17:29) the national team of Iran is clearly superior to our team.

Now it was just the last chance for the final podium position, his third step. And he was not so ghostly, when, yielding to the Japanese in the first game 22:25, won their second – 25:21. Even in those next two sets, in which success was not on our side (22:25 and 21:25), fighting for every point observed is very tense. That’s only in their endings fortune favored the islanders. Not helped Ukrainian students in this match and that they are more rivals excelled on the pitch (by aces – 5:2) and especially – on the block (13:7). And that four exceeded the 10-point milestone: Oleg Carpentry and Maxim Drozd scored 15, and Oleg Shevchenko and Yevhen Kiceluk – 11. But in the attack and the number of mistakes made, the advantage was with the Japanese. And it outweighed the scales in their direction.

Sergey DATSENKO, Vladimir KAZIMIROV, Sport-Express in Ukraine

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