Universiade-2017: Not the students, and gold!

Champion of Universiade-2017 Irina DEHA. Photo: noc-ukr.org

Ten gold, nine silver and nine bronze medals in a moneybox of the national team of Ukraine four days before the end of the competition in Taipei.

The most productive sport for Ukrainian students at this Universiade, at least for now, is swimming. The assets of the conquerors of the blue tracks, and they have already finished their performance, eight awards: two gold, three silver and three bronze.

But theoretically they can still catch athletes who, for the most part thanks to the walkers, has already gathered a collection of two gold, one silver and two bronze medals, but the competition they have to finish only today. In addition to representatives of the above mentioned sports at the highest step of the podium Universiade Ukrainian students was also raised in fencing, gymnastics, Taekwondo, weightlifting and jumping into the water, where, by the way, yesterday gold in the team tournament was won by Anastasia Nedobega and Alexander horshkovozov.

The students of Lugansk national University.T.Shevchenko scored the highest total 398,90, of 36.10 points ahead became second with almost the same complexity of the program Selina Jane The Tyler and Robert Henschel from Canada. It should be noted that before the last round, our pair took second place after the Germans, but they could not compete with the Ukrainians on the part of the coefficient of difficulty and ended up only third. In turn, the other teams that were in the asset the more difficult jumps, in particular the Russians, the Americans and the North Koreans, gave our athletes as performance.

Note that the gold Nedobega and Gorshkovozov has become Ukraine’s second medal in diving at the Universiade in Taipei (after a silver in the mixed doubles on three Victoria Caesar and Stanislav Oligarchic).

More productively, as previously reported, performed in the capital of Taiwan our swimmers. Andrew Boys to bronze in the 50-meters butterfly added silver at a distance twice as long as the same style, and, for the first time in his career emerged from 52 seconds (51,80). Unfortunately in the final swim indicator is the student’s Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky state pedagogical University. G. the Pan turned out a little smaller (51 and 91), so he lost the dispute for the first place, the Russian Alexander Sadovnikov (51,81).

Immediately, two Ukrainians stood on the podium in the 800m freestyle. Sergey Frolov, the representative of Zaporizhzhya national University – third place with a score of 7.51,06. Michael Romanchuk – student of Rivne state humanitarian University stopped the stopwatch on the silver mark 7.46,28, only 0.43 and losing her record sample time of the world Cup in Budapest and 0.52 winner Gregorio Paltrinieri. Recall that previously the Italian was ahead Romanchuk in the dispute for the gold in the 1500 metres, but in chetyrehsotletnem Ukrainians were not equal.

Bronze point in the performance at the Universiade Ukrainian swimmers put on Saturday Maria leaver. The representative of Poltava national pedagogical University.In.G.Korolenko second reached the final of the 50-metrovke a breast stroke (31,37). In the final swim she swam the distance a bit slower 31,50 and eventually shared the third step of the podium with showed the same seconds, Marita Jessica Eriksson from Sweden.

Another gold medal was put in the piggy Bank of Ukrainian team of spagatik under the leadership of Zoriana Semerak – associate Professor of Lviv state Institute of physical education, the students are three of the Golden four Pochkalova Anfisa Ksenia Panteleeva and Julia Svitil (Fabi Begur is Ternopil national economic University). Ukrainian confidently passed the Japanese team (45:26) and Switzerland (45:33). Then in the semifinals defeated in the fundamental duel the Polish Quartet (45:38), which, albeit in a different composition, not put them in the top eight at the recent world Championships in Leipzig. The final encounter against the Americans happened dramatic, but ended with a happy end for Ukraine national team. Our girls were first four shots, then lost six, to fight to the last heroic effort once again went to the “4”. But Catherine Holmes managed over five seconds left to put two shots in a row to level the score 44:44. Fortunately, in additional minute luck was on the side of Beruri (45:44). Note that this is the fifth team gold in the history of performances of the Ukrainian spagatik at the Universiade (1999, 2005, 2007, 2009).

The biggest collection of takes away from Taipei, Oleg Vernaeve. To gold in the all-around and team silver in the day of the draw medals on individual apparatus a graduate of National University of physical education and sport has added three more awards, only one of the four finals, namely floor exercise, not hitting the podium.

23-year-old from Kiev became the second on a horse, losing only to the host of the competition Do Chi-Kai (15,033 against 15,300). Difficulty he was out of the competition with a base of 6.7. But the judges had questions to quality of execution. It should be recalled that the qualifications of the leader of the Ukrainian national team got injured and then he had to play through the pain. But even this did not prevent the disciple Gennady Cetinskog become the second in the vault, where he lost only 0,05 points to the Dominican Audrus NIN Reyes, who had in the Arsenal original element ultra-si Olympic champion Rio Ri Se of Kwan. Another medal – this time bronze, Vernaeve got on the rings.

Unfortunately, failed to break into the top three on his crown of shells from one of our award-winning gymnast Igor Radivilov. But was pleasantly surprised by Peter Pahnyuk, diluting the Japanese hegemony and supporting the reputation of the Ukrainian school on the uneven bars in the absence of counts due to annoying bugs in the final Vernaeve. Note that the silver of Taipei is the first personal award student of the Zhytomyr state University. Franko after returning home from Azerbaijan.


In the athletics competitions of the Universiade, representatives of Ukraine has already won six awards, but one of them still causes issues. The fact that in the women’s 800-freestyle finished first Kubinka rosemary Almanza, but it was caught in traffic on the inside edge of the track and soon was disqualified. Thus, at the ceremony of awarding the gold medal was awarded to Ukrainian Olga Lyakhov, which crossed the finish line second. However, after that event, apparently as a result of persistent protest by the representatives of Cuba, the winning result of Almanza decided to restore.

But to say one thing and do a few more. How can you take away the medal from the athletes that did nothing wrong and, besides, just recently received it, being on the top step of the podium?! Here and Lanovoi. as far as we know, at the moment none of the organising Committee with a demand to exchange gold for silver is not addressed. And then, even if it happens, Olga is entitled to refuse, because, if you follow the standard rules, all appeals should be addressed to the awards ceremony. And as it was held, that to change anything later. But who knows, maybe in Taipei special rules?..

Fortunately, relative to other awards in the Treasury of the athletics team of Ukraine no doubt. Accordingly, twice can justly congratulate Inna Kashin that in race walking at the distance of 20 km win as personally (ahead of Chinese Xin Zhang more than a minute and a half!), and in team competition along with Alina Zvili, Valentina mironchuk and Tamara Gavrilyuk.

Team bronze they were supported by men in the composition of Igor Glavan, Valeria Litewka, Ivan Buseruka and Andrew Grechkovskogo. It seemed that the same Glavan, after a fourth place in the 50’s-kilometrovki recent world Cup in London, will be able to compete in Taipei and personal place on the podium, but he showed here only the sixth time.

And finally, another bronze is the asset Olena Kolesnichenko, which scored in the men’s 400 m hurdles. However, events are underway and, hopefully, the number of medals for Ukrainian athletes will increase.


The only medal at the weightlifting platform of the Universiade, but the highest gold dignity, brought to the Treasury of the student team of the Ukraine’s 21-year-old student of Kharkiv state Academy of physical culture Irina Deha. The student coach Evgeny Shilov, last year’s European champion in the Olympic Nordic combined and Junior Championships in the category up to 75 kg, now speaking in a new 90 kg, scored a total of 246 kg (111+135), setting, moreover, in all three categories the scores of the Games.

Snatch Irina after an unsuccessful approach to the initial weight of 111 kg at the second attempt to break this shell. And though the final 115 kg she not obeyed, after the first exercise Deha was the leader, ahead by 1 kg of their nearest rival and main competitor of the Russian Diana Stieva.

Push Irina started with 130 kg and is confident of their fixed overhead. Stieva twice with the same weight is not handled, but in the latter approach, by taking risks, still lifted 132 kg. And Deha in response confidently issued “on-mountain” 135 kg and, ensuring already the gold in the snatch, from the third exit to the platform in the clean and jerk chose to refuse.

Were ready to ascend to the third step of the podium Universiade in the category up to 69 kg Hlen Maria from the city center of Skalat of Ternopil region. Silver medalist of European championship 2017, pupil coaches Victor and Victoria Syliva Shaimardanova in the snatch were able to show the fourth result is 96 kg. After a successful second approach at the point 120 kg Maria in order to gain the amount of bronze needed the curtain to throw up over the head of the 123-pound barbell. Alas, this weight she did not submit her record in the snatch was only fourth.

Sergey DATSENKO, Vladimir KAZIMIROV, Anna SAVCHIK, Sport-Express in Ukraine

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