Unidentified man 3 month in coma: please identify

Photo: facebook.com/KatskoMS

3 months in Kyiv city hospital No. 17 is a young man. Was in a serious condition after the accident.

Since nobody visits. We are now looking for relatives of the unknown, according to volunteer Michael Kazko in Facebook.

“The guy is in Kyiv city hospital No. 17, Department of surgery polytrauma No. 2 (1 floor, room №4). According to doctors, after the accident the victim was in a gray jacket, black jeans, hat, boots and a sweater. Doctors clarify that the photo at the moment man, more lean than in reality,” writes Kazko.

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For the best search for relatives was drawn up a tentative description of the patient: age 23-30, hair brown, eyes gray, height 165-175 cm

Has tattoos. They can be clearly seen in the photo. If something is known about the relatives of the men, you can contact the volunteer Yuriy Kapica on the phone +380 95 663 88 22.

In the village of Kal’nybolota Kirovohrad region driver hit 17-year-old schoolgirl and disappeared. The girl died in the hospital.


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