Under the snow – showed a city in the Poltava region


Snow-covered streets, the river Hovtva, Kolos stadium, the Park “Victory” squares – so magical now seems the city Reshetilovka of Poltava region.

Correspondent Gazeta.ua did the pictures of the snow-covered city.

The city Council has cleared the road. In particular, Pokrovskaya street, the Old-Kiev, Donetsk, Gorky, and others. People don’t stop to remove the snow near the yards. Here it lies up to half a meter.

The Park and the stadium looks fantastic. The dome of the Church is also beautifully covered in snow.

To the river Hovtva someone trodden path. It is possible to get to the suspension bridge and gazebo. The ice on the pond is not visible – the solid snow fabric.

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Snowdrifts on roadsides add winter color Reshetilovka. This winter the city had not seen.

Showed that occurs on the slopes of Poltava.


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