“Ukrzaliznytsya” skips wagons of the Russian Federation and brakes Ukrainian export goods.

“Ukrzaliznytsya” after the second week of June missed through border crossing point “Uzhgorod” the lion’s share of transit cargo (mainly from Russia), entered the Convention ban, the same for all shippers of Ukraine and Russia.
About this on his page in Facebook said MP of Ukraine Volodymyr Husak, writes uaprom.info.
“The situation at the border crossing point “Uzhgorod” was as follows: BONDS, knowing about the planned repair works on the Slovak side and reliable stopping of the movement (as it was in may), primarily massively misses the transit railcars in Russia (from 1 to 7 June, the average pass transit cargo amounted to about 50 cars a day, and already June 8-14, it reached almost 170 cars per day) at the same time significantly slows down the export of Ukrainian goods (in the first week, the average pass was approximately 230 cars per day, already in the second – about 130 cars per day). The consequence of this seemingly minor manipulation of the OUSE was the fact that the Ukrainian manufacturers of light during the week, about 700 cars, or nearly 48 thousand tons of cargo, which will lead to the fulfillment of commitments to partners in Europe and the reduction of foreign currency revenues in the country,” said the gander.
He stressed that “individual employees in the ULTRASONIC because of their short-sightedness or selfish reasons not care about the national interest.”
“State-owned enterprise, logically, must act solely in the interests of the state and domestic producers, not to direct the vector of efforts to maintain the profitability of the Russian business. But such logic does not apply if some employees in the us because of their short-sightedness or selfish reasons not care about the national interest. If “Railways” in the framework of its competence is not sufficient will to prioritize in favor of domestic producers, especially in conditions of limited railway capacity, will be forced to raise the issue at the level of parliamentary committees and relevant ministries” – summed up the MP.

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