Ukrzaliznytsia reported on the success of 2018

In 2018, Ukrzaliznytsia increased transportation of distant following by 4 million PHOTO:

For the 2018 Ukrzaliznytsia transported by long-distance trains of 55.9 million passengers. This is almost 4 million more than the previous year. Such success was achieved despite the decrease in the number of cars that the company could not avoid in 2018.

Increases the volume of traffic the Railways by improving efficiency of cars. Mainly, this is due to the reduction of periods of downtime for trains. Listed on the official website of Ukrzaliznytsia.

“A train after a night flight we used as a day. And then again the night trip. First of all it concerns the period of peak traffic, long weekend. So, in these new year and Christmas holidays, we have appointed about 40 additional trains that perform more than 300 flights, ” – said the head of Ukrzaliznytsi Evgeny Kravtsov.

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In 2019 Ukrzaliznytsya plans to renew passenger railcar fleet. In the draft financial plan already includes funds for the purchase of 46 passenger coaches and the upgrading of 78. To implement future updates to the enterprise will need state support.

“Just last year, the fleet of passenger cars due to expiry of their lifetime decreased by 100 units. To save the volume of traffic every year we have to update at least 200 cars. Unfortunately, due to low tariffs and loss of these services we need the support of the state, namely, the allocation of funds for the purchase of passenger cars from the budget of Ukraine, as foreseen by the Law of Ukraine “On railway transport”, – said Kravtsov.

Previously said that it will launch a new train that will connect the Donbass Kharkov. Will run it with 18 Jan 2019. To stay will be at the stations of mykolaivka-Donetsk, Boguslavsky, Pavlograd-1, Lozova, Krasnopavlivka and Lihachevo.


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