“Ukroboronprom” has published a top 5 military innovations 2018: photo

In 2018, the enterprises of “Ukroboronprom” has developed, demonstrated and experienced dozens of new and modernized samples of arms, military equipment and their major parts. These developments were created using high-precision equipment and modern digital technology.

In particular, we are talking about projects “Alder” and “Neptune”, counter-battery radar “Mangust” mobile radar complex perimeter security Kharza and updated high-precision 152-mm projectile “Flower garden” for rockets “Neptune”.

Rocket “Neptune”

Strategically important for Ukraine’s development goskkb “Ray” – the newest cruise missile “Neptune”. The weapon during the test, the destroyed surface target at a distance of 280 kilometers, has proved the high efficiency of the control systems and pattern recognition purposes. The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko noted that in the case of the adoption of the armed forces of cruise missiles, “Ukroboronprom” will begin its mass production.

Rocket “Neptune”

In the future, cruise missile “Neptune” should be the basis of anti-ship complex, which should have high mobility and maneuverability. This will increase the level and opportunities for the preservation of the territorial integrity and the coast intact.

High-precision projectile “Flower garden”

SE “SPC “Progress” created a modernized high-precision 152-mm projectile “Flower garden”, which replaced the components of the Russian production.

“Flower garden” – precision-guided 152 mm projectile, which at a distance of 20 kilometers hit the target with an accuracy to centimeters. The projectile can hit the A4 sheet with the first shot, which is achieved through laser guidance, which can be done with a drone.

Shell “Flower Garden”

“Flower garden” can destroy the most protected targets. During the shot all the systems of the shell must withstand an overload 10,000 g (when 100 grams converted into tonne). Now in GP NPK “Progress” is fully prepared to conduct the necessary tests, “Flower garden”, serial production and are waiting for orders from the defense Ministry.

War machine Berest

SOE “Shepetivka repair plant” have carried out a deep modernization of 122-mm jet systems of volley fire. The uniqueness of this new combat vehicle, which was called BM-21 UM “Berest” in that it exclusively uses components of Ukrainian origin.

Berest can replace the BM-21 “Grad”. The use of modern digital technologies and new chassis of the domestic production provide the “Bark” of key operational and performance benefits. The system allows the machine without leaving the cab, to prepare to fire.

War machine Berest

Digital machines can get the exact coordinates of the enemy, which improves the accuracy and efficiency of the fire. New MLRS has a more powerful salvo of 50 rockets, instead of 40 in “Castle”. In General, “elm”, compared to “Castle” has more power volley, precision fire power, greater mobility and require less time to open fire.

Digital sight for precision weapons

Sighting station OPSN-“izyumske instrument-making factory” equipped with powerful optics, thermal imager, laser control channel and range finder, which allows not only to detect targets but to direct them high-precision weapons.

Priceline station OPSN-

The development of the “Izyum instrument-making plant” is universal. The station diameter of 43 cm, but it can set goals not only for helicopters, but unmanned aerial vehicles.

Counter-battery radar “Mangust”

Zaporozhye “Scientific-production complex “Iskra” has developed contributorily radar 1Л220УК, which records at a distance of tens of kilometers, the exact location of enemy guns, mortars, jet systems of volley fire and missile defense systems and tactical missiles.

Radar “Mangust”

The radar system allows to obtain accurate coordinates for retaliation, and conduct the adjustment of fire of their own artillery. The radar also monitors the airspace, detecting drones and enemy aircraft.

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