“Ukrgazvidobuvannya” in 2018, gas production increased

“Ukrgazvidobuvannya” in 2018, gas production increased
10:15 Today, the Telegraph Photo: Facebook Business news: Major gas company “Ukrgazvydobuvannya” last year, increased natural gas production by 1.6% compared with the 2017 year.

The largest gas company “Ukrgazvydobuvannya” in 2018 compared to 2017, increased natural gas production by 1.6% to 15,496 billion cubic meters, the press service of the company.

“According to operational data, extraction of “ukrgazvidobuvannya” for the whole of 2018 is 15,496 billion cubic meters of natural gas, which is a record annual production for the last 25 years. For January-December 2018 was blocked by a natural production decline in the volume of about 950 million cubic metres and 246 million cubic meters exceeded the annual production last year”, – said in the message.

According to the report, in December average daily production of the company amounted to 43.7 million cubic metres, which is almost 1 .3 million cubic meters more than the actual figures of the same period of 2017.

It is noted that the company in 2018, have increased the number of operations to intensify production to 744. Also, since the beginning of the year the company completed drilling of 97 wells and commissioned 69 new wells. At the same time, it is reported that most of the company fields, which provide 95% of the gas is depleted by 87%.

Note, by the end of 2017, “Ukrgazvydobuvannya” increased gas production by 4.8 per cent to 15.25 billion cubic meters.

Ukraine to 2018 to increase oil production

“Ukrgazvydobuvannya” is the largest gas company of Ukraine, whose share in the total volume of hydrocarbon production in the country is 70%. 100% of the shares owned by the state holding “Naftogaz of Ukraine”. As reported, in General, up to 2018 year, Ukraine increased its gas production to almost 21 billion cubic meters.

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