“Ukravtodor” on the criticism tender methods: the roads proposed to lay paving slabs

Alexander Kubrakov about the new technique of “Ukravtodor”: “a tool of risk minimization”. Photo: zi.ua

A new methodology for road tenders will minimize the risks during the construction of motorways and high demands on contractors – the need to implement changes in the industry.

About this on his page in Facebook wrote the head of “Ukravtodor” Alexander Kubrakov, commenting on criticism of new guidelines for procurement, presented last week.

According to bridge to the river, his team was looking for a tool that would allow to regulate the development of tender documentation services in the areas of roads, helped to minimize the risks of corruption and prevent the loss of time and money for unscrupulous contractors. This instrument became the standard tender documents.

Kubrakov noted that “Ukravtodor” criticized for the requirement for prospective contractors to confirm their experience.

“Indeed, why would we not be allowed to work any companies who are willing to explore state funding? No kidding, I met one of the marketers who say – we will participate in the tender, and how to win – purchase equipment, gravel, hire workers. Startup of the year”, – said ironically Kubrakov.

According to him, one of the authors of the campaign against the methodical recommendations “Ukravtodor” offered to put the road paving tile. “Really, why do we need these standards and metre road pavement. [If we have] One”, he added.

“Even worse, “Ukravtodor” wants to know where are the capacities for the production of asphalt mixes. Because the technology mix should be transported to the place of repair is not more than 3 hours, otherwise a loss of quality. Who will it be accountable? There is one technical caveat. Asphalt plants can be moved, it is not technically difficult, although it takes time. Let’s count – tender will be held in April, 10 days before the signing of the contract. Immediately, unfortunately, to take and to carry the plant impossible. The company still needs to find a place under placement of this plant (must be arranged, for example, sanitary-protective zone). Then – to obtain permission to use the land on the emissions of pollutants (this may take from 2 to 6 months), with a pace realistic to set the plant in September. Hi, the end of the construction season”, – said Kubrakov.

According to him, to any contractor open to other opportunities – you can rent a factory from another company, to enter into a lease agreement, the supply agreement.

“Is criticized bid security in the form of Bank guarantee full financial coverage for these obligations. For example, if the expected value of the procurement will be 1 billion UAH. providing up to 50 million UAH, which should be frozen on the account. I am sincerely pleased with this criticism. The fact that “Ukravtodor” is at least some leverage against the contractor, his willingness to invest in the work and really to follow them, is regarded as a form of discrimination,” said the head of “Ukravtodor”.

He noted that “Ukravtodor” ready for dialogue with all interested market participants, as the discussion of methodical recommendations still in progress in the framework developed jointly with the Ministry of economy working group.