Ukrainka in Sweden teaches immigrants to raise children without a belt

Author: archive of Alla Kunitsky

Alla Kunitsky advises immigrants on parenting in Sweden

In Sweden, a shortage of teachers and educators in kindergartens. The problem arose of 2015, when a massive influx of migrants from a war-torn Africa and the Middle East.

Many refugees asked for political asylum in Sweden. Whole families came. What country has dramatically filled with children. About it says Ukrainian Alla Kunitsky, who lives in Stockholm. Here mastered the profession of an instructor for parents. Advises foreigners on the education of children in Sweden.

“There were a lot of nationalities, which is a considerable difference in mentality is difficult to understand the Swedish culture. Therefore, the state did free courses prepare instructors for the education of children. I also finished – says Alla Kunitsky. – Work more for fun. Rather, it is a hobby, after talking about earnings is not. Instructors pay little money to a few times a week could collect their friends and share local values. Can also pay rent, the cost of pens and notepads, or other necessary things”.

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Sweden has a social system that protects children’s rights. Here offers free support hotline where you can consult a Manager-psychologist. In the morning, he deals with conflicts with parents, after lunch with the kids.

“The basic rule – no child should be beat. When teachers or kindergarten teachers notice pupils on the body some damage, bruises, must notify the social workers. If you find that a child is abused, it can take away from the family on the same day, – says the Ukrainian. – To inform on their parents to appropriate services, any person that has witnessed abuse of a child. Of course one kick nothing. But someone will come and will comment. Me too such happened. Somehow walked with all three children and could not cope with them. In anger he took his son and began to shake him to stop the tantrum. To me immediately ran up the Swede with the requirement to stay calm. Otherwise promised to call the police.”

Photo: archive of Alla Kunitsky

According to Alla, RF, Swedes are very tolerant of children.

“They have the expression “to give the child to cry”. And parents are patiently waiting until it myplaces. When I live here, gradually adopt these changes. My oldest son loved during walks to collect rocks and sticks. Carried them home. There we all watched, I praised him. Later, when he had forgotten about their gifts, and I quietly threw. When the kids came around my mom, on the threshold of the entrance of the son forced to throw everything away. He screamed and cried for the whole yard so that all the Swedes looked out the window. Was not able to convince her that I can carry home rocks”.

Anna Himchuk from Odessa opened a private kindergarten for children of immigrants in Poland. The country moved to Warsaw with her husband Vitaliy and daughters Tamara and Alina.


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