Ukrainians should be more


The President continues the war on poverty: after the indexation of pensions and the monetization of subsidies on stage – a monthly allowance to families with many children.

When the economy is in crisis, the financial crisis affected older people and children. Since March in Ukraine carried out a planned indexation of pensions, which will continue to occur annually. Now it’s time to support the young generation. From April 1, families will pay more help from the state. Such a decision, the government adopted on the proposal of the President of Petro Poroshenko, who is himself a father of four children.

Ukrainians should be more. And child birth should be a happy thing, not a problem. The Ukrainian family is the Foundation of the nation, – said the head of state last week during his working trip to Chernihiv.

Large families will receive assistance in the amount of the subsistence minimum for the third, fourth and subsequent children until they reach 6 years of age. From April, those payments will constitute 1626 UAH a month per child. On 1 July 1699 UAH and since December 1, 2019 – 1779 UAH. Age limit up to which will pay this assistance, will continue to grow. In 2020 the payments will continue for up to 12 years, and in 2021 – up to 16 years.

Support to large – the next step announced by the President of the attack on poverty, which Poroshenko calls “enemy, more dangerous than Putin.”

Three or four years ago, I couldn’t promise anything, because there was no Foundation. Took time to restore the growth of the economy, which dealt a heavy blow to Russian aggression and economic blockade – meets Poroshenko to the question: “Why now and not before?”.

Now the crisis is over, the Ukrainian economy is 12 consecutive quarters demonstrates stable growth. Therefore, there were resources and to improve the welfare of the population.

The first steps in this way a planned recalculation of pensions and compensation for those pensioners who have full seniority but receive the minimum pension. At the initiative of the President during March – April each will be given 2410 UAH. Funds for this compensation to the Pension Fund were received from a customs clearance of cars on avtonomera, which brought UAH 13.6 billion.

The next stage is the transfer of subsidies on payments of “real money”. March subsidiarie funds will come directly to the public, not on account of utilities, as before. Therefore, if you manage to save, say, the heating – the rest of the money the recipient of the subsidy will be able to spend at its discretion.

– Indexation of pensions, the monetization of subsidies – two accurate shots in the fight against poverty. Compensation to families raising three and more children – this is another step, – the President emphasized.

In five years, Poroshenko was able to perform almost incredible – from the development of destroyed army before receiving bezveza and the Tomos of autocephaly of the Ukrainian Church. So there is no doubt that in the next “shots” Poroshenko will not go wrong. Just not bothered funded by the aggressor “fifth column”. Its representatives like to point out that long-planned steps to overcome poverty is just “bribing the population for elections.”

Such statements overlaps Yulia Tymoshenko. She urged not to increase pensions, not to pay the compensation and suspend the monetization of subsidies, before the election. Of course, because the real assistance that people receive from the government is somewhat better than Tymoshenko promises to reduce tariffs for gas and to return funds to depositors of Sberbank of the USSR.

– According to some opposition leaders need to stop to increase salaries and pensions, while politicians are not “enough” in the presidential election. But we are looking for opportunities, and when we find, we are implementing them, – said Vice-Prime Minister Pavlo Rozenko.

– If it’s bribery, Yes, we the next five years will be to “bribe” pensioners, increasing the pensions of working people, increasing wages, families and mothers of large families, increasing them. It is our strategy to combat poverty. Not empty promises, but by deeds, says President Petro Poroshenko.


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