Ukrainians in 2018 spent on the phone more than 30 billion hryvnia

Ukrainians in 2018 spent on the phone more than 30 billion hryvnias See photo (5)
02:55 Today’s Telegraph Photo: pixabay news technology: In 2018, the Ukrainians have bought 5.4 million smartphones almost 30 billion UAH.

Ukrainian mobile market continues to grow. Last 2018 buyers have spent on buying smartphone and keypad “dialer” more than 30 billion, which is 34% higher than the results of 2017. It is reported by the company MOYO, citing data from GfK Ukraine.

Pieces devices sales grew 15%. All were sold 5.4 million smartphones, and their average price was 5400 vs 5100 hryvnia hryvnia to the end of 2017. This is a global trend — users increasingly buying more expensive gadgets, who have a “margin of safety” for several years. Ukrainians also acquired 1.5 million push-button phones, the average cost of which stopped at around 620 USD. This is lower than in previous years (800-900 USD ). Apparently, demand has shifted to inexpensive Chinese brands and local brands.

As for sales of other devices, in 2018, sales of notebooks reached 610 thousand pieces (against 500 thousand in 2017), it is 8.6 billion USD or 14.1 thousand per unit. Finally, the Ukrainians have purchased 810 thousand TV sets in the amount of 9 billion, about 11 thousand per unit.

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