Ukrainians in 2018, spent on drugs crazy amount

The Ukrainians in the last year significantly increased their spending on drugs. In 2018, they spent almost 70 billion hryvnia for drugs. This is 25% more than in previous years.

As reported in the company “Business Credit” over the past year Ukrainians have bought about 1 billion packs of medicines, reports UNN.

“The weighted average price of the drug was 69,45 hryvnia, which is by 19.52% compared with the 2017 year,” the company said.

Only in 2018 pharmacy sales made up of 84.6 billion or UAH 1.5 billion packages.

Ukrainians have spent on drugs in 2018 a huge amount

As sales of drugs in 2018? Sale of imported drugs in the Ukrainian pharmacies increased by 23.2%, and domestic – 23.7%. In particular, for imported medicines has been spent 55.7 billion hryvnia, and in the domestic – 28,8 billion hryvnia.

Which drugs the demand? Among Ukrainians has increased the demand for prescription drugs, average price is 110 UAH. At the same time, decreased demand for over-the-counter, the price of which is three times less – about 38 USD.

Why increased pharmacy sales? The main reasons that led to increased sales of drugs in 2018, was inflation and consumer demand.

How much money Ukrainians have spent on ineffective medications?For five years the Ukrainians to spend 3.6 billion USD for peplomycin – medication with unproven efficacy are harmful to human health. The money could cover the government spending on health care in 2019.

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