“Ukrainian women know how to take care of the men,” a Dutchman about life.

Photo: Taras Podolyan

A Dutch engineer from team MP “Motorsport” 39-year-old Didrik Kinds became popular in social networks thanks to his Ukrainian wife. Last year Julia got him a folder Obukhov factory that he had in store graphics races. The video, which He holds in his hands a folder with the inscription “to the Right of No. 31” in the championship of Formula Renault spread through the network in a matter of hours.
– For each race I have a separate folder. 20 – said He to the correspondent Gazeta.ua. – All written from Right to No. 31. 31 is the number of the machine. L Fast – fast Lundgard, our pilot Christian. And every other title track. Last season was successful because of these folders. We took 2nd place. And now I have no other choice. The Obukhov factory, I got them for free or pay for PR, – joked the engineer.
Didrik Kinds originally from the Netherlands. He spent his childhood in Belgium. Julia is originally from White Church. The pair met in 2013 at a restaurant in Dubai. In that year He participated in the race “24 hours of Dubai”.
– I then worked in British and American schools music teacher, gave private lessons in guitar, – said in an interview with Julia. – A friend invited me to a restaurant. As the pilot of the team Didrik crashed the car, they advance finished the race and went to the bar. So we were in the same place at the same time. The restaurant was called “Mahiki” at the hotel “Jumeirah”.
In the beginning of a relationship lived separately. Didrik in Belgium, Julia – in the UAE.
– After we met He came to me in a month, – said Julia. – I was very involved in tennis, and one of the exercises I hurt my ankle. When he learned of this, immediately flew. Helped me with my work. Picked up to the students. It was very emotional. Came to him in Belgium, six months after we met. Spent a romantic weekend in Paris. Danced in Montmartre.
The wedding was celebrated in Kiev in the summer of 2014. But once in Ukraine is not moved.
A little over a year lived in Belgium, – said Julia. – First Hoogstraten, then Turnout. Moved we can say through our dog Bonaparte. For him, rented a house. That is, I understand, the European approach. Everything for the comfort of the animal. Later he moved to England in Milton Kinsey. Lived there for a year. Although the price of a large house in Belgium was equivalent to a small apartment in England, we were delighted that moved. We were not very interesting in Belgium. Yes, there are beautiful gardens, clean roads. But this way of life, when in 5-6 o’clock in the evening everything is closed, it was very difficult to accept. Before that I lived in Kiev, then in Dubai, so for me to finish my day at such a time was difficult.
In England He signed a contract with the local komandu “Status”. But there is a long time to work but could not.
– Two months after our move the team finished their runs in qualifying, where I worked – said in an interview Gazeta.ua Didrik Kinds. – At that time Britain declared Brickset Europe. Accordingly, the British began to employ exclusively its inhabitants, not Europeans. It was hard work. We lived there for a few months. Later he moved to Ukraine.
Didrik had previously been in Kiev. First came here in 1998, an exchange student.

– We, 5 Dutch, settled in a private room in the dormitory – he said in an interview. We visited the University, was at the Antonov plant. It seemed very exciting to visit the former Soviet Union. Here it was different. I remember that while in Kiev, compared with the present, it was very dark, few lights, there was a neon sign. There was only one McDonald’s. But the people were very friendly. Wherever we went, we always helped.

The second time he came to the capital to meet with the parents of Julia.

The story of their first encounter was hilarious. My parents don’t speak English, the more I don’t know Dutch. Didrik does not speak neither Ukrainian nor in Russian, – said the woman. – But, you know, if people want to find a common language, they do not hurt. She and dad started talking about the history. As it turned out, He knows a lot about Ukraine, about its development since ancient times. Communicate using Google translator. Dad got out his best brandy. My mom went into the other room so not to disturb them.

Two years wife living in Kiev. In October they had a daughter. Called Monica.
I, like a good wife, cook Breakfast, – said Julia. – More can’t promise anything, but Breakfast will do. Our Breakfast is scrambled eggs, toast, delicious coffee. For him necessarily – Nutella. We go to walk the dogs and then we begin to think about how we would like to spend your day. Now there are other worries. Love to meet people, to visit public events. Meet with friends in a cafe. Sometimes cook at home. Didrik loves pilaf.
Her risotto special. All I need is plov. – joked Didrik. – No time to learn the Ukrainian language. And my wife teaches. She knows English and learned conversational Dutch.
– I’m ashamed, but I’ve never made borscht. Learn when he learned the Ukrainian language, says Julia. – Ukrainian men it is difficult to build relationships. We like to impose coercion. You have to wash, cook, give birth, and still work and look beautiful. This is wrong. I feel sorry for those families who live by this principle. What I liked about Didnike, it has no such value to household duties, life in General. I like something to do – I do it. If you like him, or at least it is not unpleasant, it it also makes. Where to find time for yourself, if you from morning till evening in the kitchen preparing burgers? If you go to work, when to find time to develop mentally or physically? For example, I like to drive. Sometimes I’ll have to replace the wheel. And someone thinks that this is a purely masculine duty. In our family there is no such differentiation.

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– I didn’t choose her because she is Ukrainian – admitted in an interview with Didrik. I just met the right person, the right person. I think Ukrainian women are very good and know how to take care of the men.

In the view of Ukrainian men the ideal wife is a Thrifty domohozyaika who knows how to smooth over conflicts.

According to the poll, 38% of respondents believe that “right” woman is inferior to man, supports him in all endeavors and never argue even if you disagree.


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