Ukrainian was forbidden to travel to the occupied Crimea for 20 years

The FSB expelled “spy” from the Crimea – photo bigmir) net

In anneksirovat Crimea, the Russian FSB officers detained a citizen of Ukraine Leonid Kaplun.

Man accused of cooperation with the SBU, write the Crimea.Realities.

As noted by the Russian authority, the detention was engaged in passenger traffic from Ukraine to Crimea. With the passage of the so-called border Kalanchak-Chaplynka of Kapluna recruited Ukrainian SBU.

According to the Russian special services, the man was instructed to collect data on the location and number of Russian troops and military equipment at the checkpoint “Armyansk”.

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But as Leonid did not have time to do anything, let him go, barring entry to the occupied Crimea for 20 years.

In the SBU this statement the Russians have called another a fake.

“This is another fake fantasy of the Russian Federation”, – wrote press Secretary of SBU Elena Gitlyanskaya.

Russia has an advanced military contingent to restrict access not only to possible military opponents.

It is used for humanitarian organizations, international experts, monitoring, etc., was announced by the Minister on the temporarily occupied territories Vadim Chernysh.


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