Ukrainian troops learned to shoot a powerful artillery

In the area of withdrawal of troops is the training of personnel self-propelled artillery Peony.

Tactical exercises of the batteries were out on the firing line, reports the press service of environmental protection.

Self-propelled gun fires high-explosive and high explosive shells 203,7 mm. It is capable of hitting enemy targets at a distance of from 8.4 to 47.5 kilometers. At the time ACS was designed to destroy enemy nuclear missiles.

Author: espresso.TV

At the time ACS “Pion” was intended to fire nuclear missiles

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“Peony is one of the most powerful systems in Ukraine. Designed to destroy armored targets and ammunition depots. To deploy in battle order lasts up to 10 minutes to turn around to shoot and leave the position. The firing rate of the system is 1.5 min. projectile”, – said the soldier Ivan.

Before personnel put two combat missions. The soldiers executed them with two ratings – “good” and “excellent”.

This year Ukraine will start mass production of jet systems of volley fire (MLRS) “Wilga”. This is an upgraded version of the “Tornado” of the Soviet period. This missile system is equipped with a homing system and strikes the target at a distance of 120 km. In contrast to the Soviet “Smerch”, the Ukrainian “Vilja” will receive the automated control systems and new high-precision missiles.


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