Ukrainian singer showed her young lover: photo

Ukrainian singer Lama (Natalia Zenkiv) went for a few days in a small romantic trip to the Carpathian mountains along with his lover.
Travel photos 41-year-old singer shared in Š†nstagram.
They showed Lama and his boyfriend.

#sunnyday #sweet #love #mountains
Does, polirani Lama (@nataliadzenkiv) CW 16, 2017 4:39 PDT

#sunnyday #mountains #love
Does, polirani Lama (@nataliadzenkiv) CW 16, 2017 4:34 PDT

As written by Viva!, the chosen singer is a 25-year-old financier. However, the name of the young man Natalia keeps a secret.

Does, polirani Lama (@nataliadzenkiv) Sich 9, 2017 about 10:30 PST

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