Ukrainian Mushroom was bad in the Russian court: nobody was paying attention

Illegally a prisoner in Russia Pavel Mushroom became ill during the trial. However, the judge did not pay for deterioration of health of Ukrainian no attention and continued to “drive” on.

This was written by the father of the Ukrainian Ihor Hryb on his page in Facebook.

He said that very bad feeling Paul has complained in the detention center. However, the doctor wrote the court a certificate about the satisfactory condition of health of the suspect, without even examining Ukrainian.

During a court session called an ambulance, the paramedic which Paul made an anesthetic injection, and recommended that a 3 hour soak, but the judge still continued the meeting,
– wrote father Ukrainian.

He also added that the boy examined the man, who introduced himself as a gastroenterologist. The doctor allegedly carried out an external inspection of the Ukrainians and sent for help. Not even touching the guy.

“A mockery of the sick person, not a trial! The judge “chased” the meeting, ignoring the protests of the lawyer”, – he added.

The father of Mushroom noted that the hearing was attended by 2 journalists from Russia and none from Ukraine. According to him, the next meeting is scheduled for January 25.

Who is Paul a Mushroom?
Paul Mushroom – Ukrainian political prisoner, who disappeared in August 2017 in Belarus. According to a Ukrainian he was tackled by unknown at the bus station of Gomel, and then flown to Russia. The boy is charged with terrorism. Supposedly, he was planning on undermining a school meeting in Sochi.

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