Ukrainian family chose for their child an unusual name

The desire to give their children unusual names – trend today, the Ukrainian children’s playgrounds can be found, say, Rafael boy or girl Rue. .First the child was given the name of Ukraine.
Spouses Povazhnyi raising four children. The eldest daughter chose an unusual name – Emilia. I think that girls with this name are very persistent.
Previously, for the name goes to a priest and recorded it in a certificate of birth in the registry office and in the Church book.
Traditionally the child received the name in honor of a Saint or Holy, which had the day of the baptism or child’s birthday. To name a child in honor of a family tradition, people agree with the priest for an extra charge chicken, goose or something different, – said the Director of the Institute of Ukrainian Bogdan galayko.
Today parents traditions does not limit, so children are called unusual names. For the first time in the history of registrations of civil status of the girl was recorded by Ukraine.
Psychologists advise to explain to the child the meaning of the name, if you already called it unusual. Better to experiment not to resort, as it can hurt the baby.
This originality and the constant picky the views of others can become unbearable for a child, so it’s best to ignore the original names. There are children with unusual names, call themselves differently, noted child psychologist Nina Kokoylo.
However, the name can be changed for 14 years. To change the name officially, you need to fill in a special form in the district registry office and pay a symbolic amount of 5 hryvnia 10 kopecks. If you want to change a second time, you can contact the registry office again. But then for a change of name will have to pay more than 50 UAH.


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