Ukrainian Dolci in Antarctic spostarti for ozone drow

vchora, 23:21

Dolci z Ukrainy CLI year live on Antarctica pumping station “Akademik Vernadsky”. Not what it is, scho stink not mozhut tagName of Viti on velicu through the strong wind of the frost. Stink takozh only be called a few more RSV the week mozhut of pisati help our defenders ranim. About TSE powders TSN.

Ukrainian Dolci

So, Ukrainians on home rasv be called a few more on there in a strong wind, and the cold, roblet same: humidity, temperature, atmosfernyi tisk I dozen NSA parametru.

The same at the “Vernadskogo” in seredine 80-Kh rokiv Dolce patili scho zanadto in atmosferi bagato ultraviolet vipraha. Via be called a few more months at the “great land” stink nadsilati telegram: over Pudendum pole otvorila velicity ozone DRA.

“Won otkryvatsja navesn and potim znovu stages. Have Tsey period segalini VST ozone Sensus to be called a few more RSV from normal. I mi maŃ”mo nabagato more scaliwag ultraviolet vipraha”, – respown dermatoloog Oleksander SOLAS.

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Show sche

He together with colleagues on functions pumping station Vier Razi na dobu apartments spostarla for Osenovo draw, Yak giblets stages, but not so Shvidko, Yak was prognozowanie experti. Lyudstva Vdovina od vikoristannya freon, that ruine ozone, however, Yogo shte not enough zalishilosya in atmosferi.

Station Antarctic

Also vcen zi vsogo world checkout z for this reason the pumping station npharmacy about those scho vdbase s ozone ciogodnichnyu day. After the pumping station on postijno pratsyuyut Ukrainian Potwin magnetometry, that what one s best at in the.

“The station “Faraday” Bula Taka sama “Mecca” geofizika I need vdate nline scho mi TSE razvili I pogibeli. I at at the best instant Ukrainian magnetometric Observatory znahodytsya not in Ukraine. Won skoncentrovana on “Vernadsky”. Vaughn, of in particular, spectera for themselves kolivannya elektromagnitnogo field of the Earth”, – podomys Director of the National center Antarcticine Ukraine When Wild.

Dermatoloog s colleagues in 2019 rotsi versile perevet I prasti nadzvychaina vozikis move inside. velicano trigano shaved. However raptovo Tony ladu obrushilsya.

Then came the stench th Patterdale scho lodovici Seredin not suzl, the stench z poronina – velichanie the Pechery. Thus, the stock of prsno VOD in Antarctic mozhut Buti digit mensili. Wasnae video them vzhe analsyt have provana of naukovih laboratories of the world.


Naadam scho 24 Ukrainian forwarding to Antarctica 2019-2020 years became uncanny because zhinok.

Yak povidomlyav portal “Znayu” a 50-rcni LUs N u s Velikobritanii vpershe in history culture SMG zaplesti pid lodom of Antarctica.

Takozh “Znayu” writing scho doctorine the remains of animals weavile australisk Dolci in rayon bazi Amundsen-Scott in Antarctic.