Ukrainian basketball players won “bronze” Delineate-2017

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Sports news:At the XXIII summer Deaflympics in the Turkish city of Samsun ended basketball tournament.

The bronze prize-winner of Delineate-2017 was the national team of Ukraine, which in the match for 3rd place with a score of 63:57 (9:19, 23:9, 16:17, 15:12) took over the national team of Greece and won the bronze medal.

The gold in the men’s tournament went to the team of Lithuania, which in the final defeated the team of Venezuela – 70:64 (22:12, 10:12, 21:21, 17:19).

Women’s basketball tournament in Samsun won by the team of Greece, which in the final confrontation defeated the national team of Lithuania – 67:50 (8:12, 13:9, 18:17, 28:12).

The national team of Ukraine in the match for the bronze medal narrowly lost to the team of Italy – 52:53 (11:12, 12:14, 13:6, 13:17).

The assets of Ukrainians have 98 medals – 21 gold, 41 silver and 36 bronze.

Deaflympic games-2017 will last till July 30 .

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