Ukraine won two medals on the Grand Prix Antalya

Anastasia Turchin /

National team of Ukraine won two medals at the tournament of series Grand Prix in Antalya, Turkey.

In the category up to 57 kg Maria Soon for the first time in his career stood on the podium at this level. The Ukrainian missed the first round, and the second met winner of European and world Championships Russian by Anastasia Konkina and won by IPPON.

Then Soon passed the third round and the quarterfinals, but lost to European champion under 23 years old Polish woman, Julia Kowalczyk after three warnings. As a result, the Ukrainian got the opportunity to compete for the bronze medal and won the Serbian Marica Perisic, having a first waza-Ari and then IPPON:

Turchin also missed the first round, dealt with his opponent in the second, but then lost the bronze medalist of the world championship-2015 German Louise Maltsan three warnings. However, the Ukrainian had the opportunity to compete in the consolation draw.

After that, the Ukrainian went to fight for bronze and won it in the confrontation with the champion of Europe among juniors:

Recall that Daria he lost for the first time since 2017.

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