Ukraine will hold a large-scale firing of missiles near the Crimea

2019 Ministry of defence has planned a much more extensive military exercise than it was last year. Only four scheduled live-fire exercises, and the first will be in February, close to the occupied Crimea.

According to the Agency, training in General will relate to the units of antiaircraft missile troops.

“We have to constantly increase the combat capabilities of the units of antiaircraft missile troops (SMP). In 2019 division of SMP, will continue to be restored and modernized systems of various modifications, s-300, s-125 and Buk in the defense plants, work is continuing on creation of the Ukrainian anti-aircraft missiles (SAMS), which will replace obsolete Soviet-made weapons,” – said the head of the anti-aircraft missile troops of the command of the Air forces of Ukraine, Colonel Yuri stawski.

APU continues to grow with anti-aircraft missile systems

According to him, in the training of personnel, attention will primarily be given live firing.

“We plan to spend even more ambitious than last year, teaching. We are talking about combat firing with the consolidated regiments of anti-aircraft missile Buk-M1 and S-300P. Division “trekstock” will be called to the area of conducting training and combat missions all of a sudden, with standard weapons and military equipment”, – he said.

In General, on 2019 planned four exercises with live firing of air defense missile systems Buk-M1, s-125, s-300P//B1. As part of these exercises will be conducted more than 150 different combat training is, in particular, command-staff, tactical exercises, training duty forces, etc. In addition, the SMP experts will take part in tests of new missiles and to carry out research launches anti-aircraft missiles in the framework of scientific research.

The first combat firing of anti-aircraft missile complexes will take place in February at the site “Yagorlyk” in the Kherson region near the Crimea.

2019 scheduled a minimum of four exercises with live firing of air defense missile systems Buk-M1, s-125, s-300P//B1

As explained in the command of the Air forces of Ukraine, such measures are associated with threats from the Kremlin , which continues to build up military forces in occupied Crimea and charge more aircraft armament airfields close to the border with Ukraine.

Last time live firing on the range “Yagorlyk” was held in November 2018. During the exercise Ukrainian soldiers used a wide range of anti-aircraft missile complexes s-300 systems of various modifications, “Buk”, “tor”, “OSA-AKM”, etc. In the shooting was attended by units of air defense of Ground troops and anti-aircraft missile troops of Air forces of VSU.

The first large-scale military exercises near Ukraine admingranitsy occupied Crimea took place in December of 2016, who angered Russia. In 2017 was near the Crimea held a few teachings as to overcome water barriers, and the shooting of SAM.

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