Ukraine was preparing for the hundred years ‘ war with Russia

Photo: of Defense of Ukraine

As they say, Anonymous hackers published the project documents Integrity Initative, in the past the UK was attended by five employees of the reserve military intelligence of Ukraine. The documents do not specify in what year it was, bearing only the date – with 6 to 13 July. It is also reported that people who were in the UK men from 45 to 53 years.

The document notes that they all speak English and were “ethnic Russians”. Moreover, the two men had previously been active members of the KGB, two were military and at one time commanded the brigade, and the fifth with high probability had to do with the GRU.

These agents said British officials that Ukraine is preparing for a long confrontation with Russia, calling it “Ukrainian hundred years ‘war” by analogy with the cases in the history of the “hundred years war” waged by Britain and France in the 14th and 15th centuries.

Recall that the Anonymous hackers started to publish documents on the activities of the Integrity Initiative project in November 2018. It is believed that this project, the British authorities used for the purpose of information war with Russia.

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