Ukraine took 2nd place in Delineate-2017

Ukrainian footballers have become Vice-Champions of Delineate-2017



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Sports news:In the Turkish city of Samsun on Sunday, July 30, XXIII summer Deaflympics.

For 13 days, the athletes of the national team of Ukraine won 99 medals: 21 gold, 42 silver and 36 bronze medals and took second team place among the 90 participating countries.

“Blue-yellow” has managed to beat his score from four years ago. On the previous Delineate-2013 in Sofia (Bulgaria) Ukrainian team won 88 medals – 21 gold, 30 silver and 37 bronze .

Champions Delampady-2017 Ukrainians began in 8 kinds of sport of 21, which was introduced in Samsun:

Dmitry Levin – athletics, 100 meters;

Anna Samylkina – Raisa Rylov – beach volleyball;

Nicholas Tsepkolenko – Anton Koshkarov – beach volleyball;

Alla Dyachenko, Ekaterina Kovalchuk, Darya Velichko – bowling trio;

Anna Szostak – judo 52 kg

Ekaterina Avdeeva – judo, 57 kg,

Catherine Shepelyuk – judo-63 kg

Dmytro sheretov – judo 73 kg

Ekaterina Avdeeva and Ksenia Dovbyschuk, Maria Korniychuk, Oksana Kravchenko, Marina Pogorelova, Catherine Shepelyuk, Anna Szostak – judo, team competitions;

Vita Gavrilova – karate, Kumite, 55 kg

Karina Yanchuk – karate, Kumite, 61 kg

Inna Mazhara – karate, Kumite, 68 kg

Karina Yanchuk – karate, Kumite Open;

Vita Gavrilova, Marina Gubanova, Alena Yanchuk, Inna Mazhara – karate, Kumite, team competitions;

Maxim Belenok, Alexander Makhno, Makhno, Vladimir, Vyacheslav Novikov, Aleksandr Tretyak – karate, Kumite, team competitions;

Ian Miller – orienteering, long distance;

Anna Fedoseeva – orienteering, middle distance;

Ian Miller, Alexander reply report Sankin Sankin, Dmitriy Plakhotnik, Anna Fedoseeva – orienteering, mixed sprint relay;

Alexander Kostyuk – shooting, air rifle shooting from 10 meters;

Alexander Kolodiy – shooting, high-speed shooting from a small-caliber pistol from 25 meters;

Sergey Minchenko – freestyle wrestling 125 kg.

XXIV summer Deaflympics will be held in 2021.

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