Ukraine needs to change, otherwise benefit from bezveza will not Tagesanzeiger

On 17 may, the EU and Ukraine signed the Strasbourg agreement, according to which Ukrainians can travel to Europe without visas.
This event is a big step for the state, according to the article of the Swiss newspaper Tagesanzeiger.
The author writes that now “Ukraine can demonstrate to its citizens that it is part of Europe, and is not so little for a prolonged conflict ravaged countries that paid a high price for their European dream.”
However, as further noted, for many Ukrainians a visa-free regime will become more of a symbolic achievement, since few of them can really afford to go to Europe. “The euphoria from President Poroshenko’s much more than many Ukrainians” – ironically, a Swiss journalist.
In addition, the rapprochement with Europe will not solve the Ukrainian problem as a powerful oligarchy, corruption, ineffective reforms, and war-torn economy, says the author.
Kiev has to change, otherwise benefit from a political trophy (bezveza – “24”) will not. The EU should help the country in this, the article says.

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