Ukraine national Futsal team qualified for Euro 2018

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In the most complicated to inflame the match victory to the Ukrainians brought exact blow of Vladimir Radovanov at the end of the meeting.

Futsal. The selection for EURO 2018

Croatia – Ukraine – 1:2 (1:1)

Goals: Franco Elovich, 12 – Mykola Bilotserkivets, 14, Mr Razuvanov, 37 .

Croatia – Ukraine: online broadcast

Croatia: Ivo Jukic Josip Of Stone, Tihomir Novak, Dario Marinovic, Franco Elovich – Vedran Matosevic, Davor Of Kanuj, Christian Postrain, Kristijan Grbeša, Matei Horvath, Sasha Babic, Toni Jelavić, Jacob Grzech

Ukraine: Eugene Iwanyk – Mykola Bilotserkivets, Nicholas Gritsyna, Peter Shoturma, Sergey Zhurba – Mr Razuvanov, Igor Korsun, Michael Grazyna, Michael Zvarich, Sergey Kovalev, Sergey Cheporniuk, Alexander Pedas, Bogdan Novak

Referees: Ondrej Cerny (Czech Republic), Miguel Castillo (Portugal)

The final match in group C, which awarded a direct ticket to the championship aroused great interest. In the Palace of sports before the game it was possible to see not only the football officials, but the stars of football present and past. Do not miss the opportunity to come and cheer for “his” and the Croats Darijo Srna and domagoj Vida. Well, it was worth it, and the hype could not help but rejoice. But do note that, despite the importance of the match, for the loser no tragedy because in September there will be matches of the playoffs, and through them you can also get to Macao, where in 2018 and the final.

At a high degree started the team, it was a struggle in every area of the Playground, and nobody wanted to concede. The Ukrainians wanted to take speed, and the Croats, which were varied one at a time – control of the ball. Our in the beginning of the match was sharper, take the time Novak in the 5th minute when he almost managed to pass.

In the 7th minute, the Croats made two touch the goalkeeper – free seven metres right up against the gate. Followed by a short transfer of Korsun on Koval, but after his shot Ukic was able to catch the ball. The game went according to script Croatia is a proof of that timeout that the head coach of our rival Mato Stankovic took the same 7 minutes.

Futsal. Euro 2018. Hard Ukraine defeated Belgium

And this we were able to make adjustments. Croats started to waste the ball, a lot of it is controlled, and the blows rained down already at our gates. Long shot Elovich until 12 minutes not achieved his goal. Defeated on the right flank Koval, Horvath a major blow drove the ball under the crossbar.

At this point, unfortunately, lost the sharpness at the gate Ukich. Somehow this situation had to change, and the Ukrainians found that for reserves. As a result, 15 minutes Zhurba and Belotserkovets together faced Unichem, and not left to chance for salvation – 1:1. Immediately to fix the situation is another ball of Korsun, but with a 10-meter shot just over the bar.

Until the end of the half the game was equal, and the only time we had seriously worried for Ukraine, when our gate was assigned a dangerous free kick. It was in the 19th minute, and the attempted kick at goal Elovich our guys blocked.

As if there was a break – both teams continued to adhere to his tactics. Once spent goalkeepers Korsun and Elovich – Ukic and Ivanac demonstrated a high class. In such a viscous game of the time could not be a lot they were not. In the 29th minute of the first Belotserkovets from a lethal position has punched above gate, and then marinovic of a very dangerous point in front of the gate sent the ball wide of the target. Moments sometimes occurred spontaneously. 31 minutes Novak from a tight angle from the left edge of the shot and the ball somehow found the post.

Futsal. Euro 2018. Ukraine fighting defeated Montenegro

Somewhere in the 33rd minute was to say that time is against us – minute by minute I was flying with incredible speed. After a minute of Mato Stankovic took time out exclusively to his players a bit of a breath. After that moment, the Croats are very reliable took the ball under control, and our guys had to expend energy to regain. And it was very difficult.

This control opponent and kill time, which is becoming less and less. And then the game left took Smith, after the transfer which Razuvanov as a sling shot under the crossbar. Croatia went into the game with the fifth field…

It was very hard. Very! In order to knock down the opponent with the attack, 40 seconds before the siren Alexander Kosenko took a timeout. Our team brought the game to victory Ukraine has qualified for the European championship. All of the victory – it was a great victory against a very strong opponent!

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