Ukraine is preparing a formidable response to the Russian-Belarusian exercises “West-2017”

In the Armed forces of Ukraine told about the answer of the Kiev military exercises “West-2017”, which Russia plans to conduct in the territory of Belarus.
This was announced by the chief of the General staff of VSU the General of the army Viktor Muzhenko, reports a press-service VSU.
He announced that in September the Ukrainian military planned several command and staff exercises involving troops and operational reserves, the main of which will become strategic military exercises called “invincible sustainability 2017”.
From 12 to 15 September will be held the strategic command and staff exercises with the military authorities “enduring sustainability-2017”, – said Muzhenko.
He explained that the purpose of these exercises is the strengthening of the capacities of bodies of military management to manage the troops during regrouping, maintaining defensive, stabilization and combat operations.
“We will complete a full cycle operational planning of application of forces. We will also conduct training of forces and means of territorial defense of the state with the deployment of the headquarters of territorial defense”, – said General of the army.

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