Ukraine has purchased 70% of fuel in Russia – state statistics service in 2018

In 2018 year, Ukraine has purchased fuel for nuclear power plants, totaling 523.2 million dollars.

Russia had purchased almost 335,2 tons of nuclear fuel in the amount of $ 374,2 million, the press service of the state statistics.

Of total procurement the share of Russian fuel was 71.6%. In Sweden bought 211,4 tons worth 148,5 million dollars. The share of deliveries from Sweden was 28.4%.

The operator of all four operating NPPs of Ukraine is the state enterprise “NAEK “Energoatom”, which buys nuclear fuel contracts with companies TVEL and Westinghouse Electric Sweden.

Energoatom operates 15 power units equipped with water-cooled power reactors with a total installed electrical capacity of 13,835 GW.

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