Ukraine has identified the most popular word in 2018: details

Word 2018 in Ukraine Stal noun “Tomos”. Until recently it was only known to a narrow circle of initiates in the religious terminology of people.

About it reported in a press-service “Myslova”.

So, in the message it is noted that the word is a symbol of education in Ukraine Autocephalous local Church and further the departure from the ideological influence of Moscow.

The Greek word “Tomos” until recently was only known to a narrow circle of initiates in the religious terminology of the people, and the greatest interest was caused in 2018.

In a public domestic space it appeared in April 2018.

It was then that President Petro Poroshenko has asked Parliament to support his appeal to the Ecumenical Patriarch on the granting of the Tomos of the Ukrainian Autocephalous local Church. Since then, the interest in this word from the Ukrainian media and society only grew, and in December, the Ukrainians called the Union of the Church and giving Thomas the main political event of the past year,
– said in the explanation.

We add that the other contenders for the title of word of the year was: “EuroBLECH”, “impunity”, “aggression”, “martial law” and “novice.”

What is known about the dictionary “Maslovo”?He chooses word of the year for the sixth time. Word of the year 2013, for example, was the “euromaidan” 2014 – “cyborgs”, 2015 – “blockade”, 2016 – “corruption” 2017 – “bezviz”.

What is Tomos?This is a unique Church document. Release it when the Church wants to provide the actual independence – autocephaly. Occasionally Tomos issued on matters relating to the provisions of the Christian faith, most often it concerns Church order.

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