Ukraine has developed a mobile anti-aircraft missile complex “Duet”

Mobile anti-aircraft missile complex “Duet” short range up to 5 km is developing a state pidpriemstvo “Arsenal” together with company Diamond Defense Systems.

In an interview with the military-industrial courier, said Deputy Director of “Arsenal” Alexander Klochko.

SAM is armed with two anti-aircraft guided missiles for the future of the mobile anti-aircraft missile complex “Hunter”. It can be installed on armored vehicles or cars.


Combat module “Duet”

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Previously SAM was developed jointly with the German company Rheinmetall. But at the beginning of 2018 the German government blocked the development. The Germans were responsible for the integration with mobile platforms and targeting systems and support.

Tactical UAV Bayraktar TB2, which Ukraine acquired in Turkey may apply if you expect ammunition laser guided MAM-L and MAM.

In early January of SOE “Ukrspetseksport” signed the agreement with the company “Bayraktar Makina” after negotiations of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko with President of Turkey Recep Erdogan in Istanbul.

Purchased 12 aircraft squadron.


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