Ukraine has defined the expensive and budget shopping

Ukraine has defined the expensive and budget shopping
13:26 Telegraph Today on site Business news: the Pricing policy of supermarkets compared to content of the “consumer basket”.

At the end of the program “Means prices” was the most expensive and the cheapest grocery stores in the country. The difference prices for the same products nearly two hryvnia. For a standard food set “market basket” buyers can pay from 1461 until 1833 hryvnia, depending on the market.

The results of the study of the Ukrainian society of economic freedom showed that the three budget options for procurement were “varus”, “handicap” and “ATB”. Same item, but more expensive, are implemented in the network “EKO market”, “Velyka Kyshenya” and “Megastore”. To collect information it took one week for checking the prices at 40 popular products. But the program itself is not advertising or anti-advertising of any of the objects of study.

What is the cost of the products as at 26 March 2019

The authors of this project are: to check pricing and compare prices on the same products in supermarkets of different networks difficult. On the product price may be influenced by the packaging, the manufacturer and the holding of shares. The only thing that remains for the buyer is to be careful when buying any product, read the terms of implementation, the weight on the packaging and composition. As well as to monitor sales of different stores.

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