UFO spotted on Mars cash register

The hunters of aliens reported another fascinating discovery made while studying pictures from Mars. At this time, ufologists saw the images captured by the Rover Curiosity, the object is similar whether on a cash register, or on an old typewriter. The self-proclaimed experts immediately suggested that the object was abandoned on the red planet by aliens.

photo: pixabay.com

In all probability, the detected object is only lying on the Martian soil is a dark stone, but with a little imagination it in the bottom left you can really see some similarities with the “keyboard”. As evidence that the object has an artificial origin, ufologists cite a few photos of the old devices created on earth and similar to Martian “cash register”

A psychological illusion, where vague outlines sometimes people “learn” man-made objects or, for example, animals and persons, is called pareidolia. Often, this phenomenon manifests itself when people (especially inclined to believe in conspiracy theories) looks at pictures taken in space, on another planet or even on an uninhabited part of our planet . This is actively used by ufologists hosting on the Internet all new “sensation” about evidence of alien visits to Venus, Phobos, the moon, and, most often, to Mars. On its surface only for relatively recent time has been “discovered” a house, a statue and a tower built by the aliens, and more. And the moon on the days of the self-proclaimed experts saw the tank of the aliens. A few days ago it was reported three space ships belonging to the representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations and heading to the Sun.

Last Tuesday, Russian Amateur radio from Nizhny Tagil similar way to “see” the satellite images of the surface of Antarctica, the wreck of an alien spaceship.

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