Uber reported 6,000 sexual assaults while traveling in 2017-2018

For the first time Uber has released detailed 84-page report about the safety of their travel to the United States. The statistical period covers the entire 2018 and partially through 2017. In addition to attacks of a sexual nature, there were 19 murders and 500 rapes.

The number of trips car service Uber in the United States was $ 2.3 billion, so the number of negative cases in statistical computation may seem scanty, however, each unit including this someone’s life or dignity.

The report shows that last year, during trips Uber, there were 3045 cases of sexual harassment. In addition, Uber has reported that nine people were killed while traveling deliberately and another 58 people died in car accidents.

Uber also said that with 3045 cases of sexual harassment in 2018 (and 2936 in 2017) 235 was rape, and the rest belong to different degrees of claims. The company says that the vast majority of them are related to unwanted kissing or touching, and such attacks are divided into 21 categories. According to the report, drivers as often as passengers, reported attacks against them, including about five of the most serious forms of sexual violence.

“The numbers are terrible and they are difficult to digest, said The New York Times, Uber General counsel Tony West. They say that Uber is a reflection of the society which it serves”. Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi also tweeted: “I Think many people will be surprised at how rare these incidents; others, understandably, decide that such incidents are still all too prevalent. In both cases they will be right”.

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