Typical mistakes during breastfeeding that will make it unbearable

From 1 to August 7, celebrate world week of breastfeeding support. With this period, like pregnancy, is associated with many myths and simply illogical claims from the point of view of evidence-based medicine.

Pediatrician Victoria Mite told about errors during breast-feeding (GW), which are usually committed by young mothers due to insufficient amount of information.

17 common mistakes that will make GW intolerable or disastrous

1. In preparation for pregnancy to go for a breast ultrasound, to hear the theory that the woman is “non-dairy” because no glandular tissue, and believe it.

2. Remember all the “non-dairy” women in the family and convince yourself that she will be among them.

3. To breastfeeding (GW) don’t need to prepare and gather information, as this is a natural process.

4. If a woman large / small breast, it is “non-dairy”.

5. Imagine how easy it will be to establish lactation and everything will be just perfect and without problems.

6. When in the first days the baby cries for a long time wants to be at the breast, give him a pacifier, and then buy the mix because the child is hungry.

7. If a woman has flat nipples, it is necessary to put an end to breastfeeding.

8. Women do not seek medical personnel with a request to help with breastfeeding.

9. Be sure to buy a breast pump, as in American films to Express milk and be able to keep the baby. And the more milk the more saiwei.

10. Not to go into the pool because there is chlorine. Also to dress warmer even in the heat.

11. If a child is constantly feed with milk, then perhaps he is malnourished, we need to Supplement.

12. In the presence of a breast pump, a woman gives her breast to the baby, but it gives you a bottle with my milk.


13. Sit on a strict diet and as soon as the baby will be colic – blame yourself that you ate something wrong.

14. Demand more from yourself. Even if a woman had recently given birth, in any case, you need a husband to prepare food, the house is clean, all washed and ironed.

15. Not sleep, constantly look at the child. Even better – don’t stay with him every second. Don’t trust the baby to anyone: neither my husband nor my grandmother. And you don’t drink, don’t eat because no time.

16. If the child was born with low weight – doorlevel, because he needs to eat more to grow.

17. At the conclusion GW is spread nipples mustard/green paint or simply for a few days to disappear from the eyes of a child.

Health 24 warns: do not repeat these mistakes! And during pregnancy, visit the special courses for young parents, where doctors talk about the establishment of the GW and its proper completion.

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