Two weeks before the Eurovision song contest-2017: as far as Kiev is ready to contest

Eurovision-2017 will be officially opened in Kiev on 7 may. The organizers assure that to the main vocal competition the country is ready – the scene is, repairs completed, a cultural program formed. More details – in the material of the site “24”.
The ceremony of the opening of Eurovision-2017 will be held in the center of “Park” six days before the final of the Eurovision song contest on may 7. The semifinals will take place on 9 and 11 may, the final of the competition is 13 may 2017.
It is known that red carpet, which will be representatives of all participating countries, will be located in front of the Mariinsky Palace will be the longest in the history of the competition is 265 meters.
The organizers of the competition during the press-briefing “Than Kiev will amaze guests of Eurovision-2017?”, that took place on Tuesday, April 25, talked about how to work main locations of the competition, public transport, how do you organize your security at the show, and why no one is punished for poor maintenance of the station “Livoberezhna”.
Enhanced security and transport during the Eurovision song contest-2017
Safety – first. Wanting to get to the Eurovision song contest, of course, with the appropriate tickets, will undergo a strict regime of security and control. In addition, to get to any location, you need to have the identity document, said the Deputy Chairman of the KCSA Oleksiy Reznikov. Law enforcement agencies, he said, by law, have the right to demand ID to identify the person.
Especially angered the people of Kiev, in particular, in social networks, because of the security measures they are not able to get into your home or simply Park your car near the house. Oleksii Reznikov says: nothing from the standpoint of a “normal” life will not change. Security rules are configured in such a way as not to add inconvenience to the people living in the neighborhoods around International Convention and exhibition centre. By the way, the travel in both directions at the Nikolsko-Slobodskaya street will remain.

In connection with the contest almost a month to block the Khreshchatyk
In non-stop mode will run Shuttle buses – the so-called duty buses, something like those that ply during Euro 2012. They will ride between the hotels, which will accommodate members of official delegations and guests. To move the shuttles will be between the main locations of the Eurovision song contest. Will also continue to work public transport – during the final, on 13 may, he will run as much as 4 hours longer.

Eurovision-2017: Kiev will not feel any inconvenience in connection with the holding of the song contest. At least so say the organizers
Repairs on Eurovision: implement managed all
Remember these pictures in social networks, where people of Kiev to Express their indignation at the poor repair of the station “Livoberezhna”. Like, or alter all at own expense, or put all those responsible. According to the Deputy Chairman of the KCSA, on the left Bank repair has not yet been completed, therefore, no one is punished. After the station is put into operation, will be assigned to review, which will set – had there been any violations during the repair, whether the overpayment and the like. Yet – not guilty.
By the way, the design had to change because of the lack of time for repairs. In particular, as noted by the Deputy of the Kiev mayor Ilya Sagaidak, abandoned the ice-lighting on platforms and simplified the design of the facades of the entrance to the subway with the area.

So had to look Levoberezhnaya station after reconstruction
Not very aesthetically pleasing looks and unfinished, located near the International exhibition centre – on the street Sheptytsky, 2. A few days ago, says Oleksii Reznikov, managed to reach agreement that the owner will close unfinished protective banner screen this object, and will represent there the neutral story.
The Eurovision song contest – on the Dnieper
And now – more time to transport. But not in the traditional way – on the bus or subway, and the Dnieper. For tourist attractiveness and, in fact, with a practical purpose – to move from the Right to the Left Bank will launch a river boat. Work is now being completed on the device of the quay wall, so small ships can Park on the Left Bank, said Reznikov. However, the route they will run, is still unknown.
This is because it is unclear how the water level in the river is due to melting of snow. This depends on the size of the ship whether he will be able to pass under bridges – directly short cut or bypass, – said Reznikov.
Water tram you can get to the contest, and return after the show in the evening.
Location Eurovision-2017
Eurovillage in the capital. This location will broadcast the finals and semi-finals of the Eurovision song contest. From 4 to 14 may in this town you can see many interesting things, and sing, and dance. Evenings – together with the participants of Eurovision. Eurovillage will be located from the Welt to the street of Bohdan Khmelnytsky.
Sofiyvska square is also one of the largest of the fan zones. As noted by the Director of the Department of culture of the KSCA Diana Popova, it will make a green lawn that will enhance the tourist attractiveness of Kyiv. On the stage will host entertainment. However, it will not broadcast the Eurovision song contest.
Kontraktova square is the place with the symbolic name “Feel Ukraine” impregnated with the Ukrainian spirit, Ukrainian culture and artists. In short, all the “Ukrainian” will be concentrated here.
At the Postal square will organize a retrospective of the artists of the Eurovision song contest, where everyone can sing any song contest. At Trinity square the guests will entertain the Kiev national academic operetta theatre, which will show the diversity of European traditions through performances of “French cancan and Italian Opera”.

Eurovision-2017: fan zone on St. Sophia square
Special location for wounded soldiers will be located in the Museum “Kiev fortress”. According to Diana Popova, this is the only opportunity for wounded soldiers in a military hospital, to join the celebration of the Eurovision song contest in Kiev. May 14, here will hold a special charity auction in support of Ukrainian soldiers.
Place of stay of the official delegations, accredited press and fans will be the Euroclub, which will be located on the “helipad” on Park road.

The fan zone of the Eurovision song contest-2017
Art that unites, and the light show during the Eurovision song contest
In the capital will start two new art projects. The First – “Kyiv Art Week”. It involves five museums in Kyiv and more than 12 galleries which will demonstrate the Ukrainian and foreign art. The second project will be the international art festival “Face of Art”, which will be held at the Lavra gallery.
In addition, for the first time in Kiev will show a Grand festival of light and media art “Kyiv Light Fest” show, VJs, artists of light and laser. Will focus on three locations. It’s Mikhailovskaya square with a projection at the Ministry of foreign Affairs, Kontraktova square – there will cover the building of the National Bank of Ukraine and the Postal area with the projection on the river station. Light installations will also demonstrate on Andreevsky Spusk, on the waterfront near the Postal square and the Park of Kyoto.

Kyiv Lights Festival – first international festival of light and media art
As for the drama competition, creative event supervisor of the Eurovision song contest 2017 Serhiy Proskurnia noted that it is important to stick to one storyline all the items included in the General concept of the competition. It’s like a necklace, he says, where each bead will speak about Ukraine traditions Ukrainian humor, songs, dances, instruments.
In addition to security, he adds, it is important to create an atmosphere of cordiality and even thus to remind the international community that in Ukraine the war continues; celebrating “diversity” we do not forget also those who deserves special treatment and respect of our defenders.
The Channel 24 is the national media partner of the Eurovision-2017

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