“Two for 36” – equation for the fall

Saturday. Minsk. DS “Uruchcha”. Belarus – Ukraine – 36:29. Victoria BELMAS (right) and Anna REDKA protected against Valentina NESTERUK. Photo: handball.by

Friendly matches with Belarusian handball players left the staff of the national team of Ukraine a number of questions, but also gave some reason for optimism.

BELARUS – UKRAINE – 36:28 (16:16)

Belarus: Kuntsevich, Burduk; Rudkovskaya (4), Wasilewska, Artukovic (2), Shamanovska (4), Yejikova (6), Kotina (3), Silitski (2) Butcher (5), Mokat, Trisno (6), Nesteruk (2) Yaschuk (2), Ahramenko.

Ukraine: Timoshenkova, Gladun; Levchenko (10), Smaling, Goralska, Kompaniets (5), Glibc (6), MC (3), Vic.Belmas (1), Radish (1), Volovnik (1), Party (1), Melekestsev.

Seven: 6 (4) – 2 (1).

Penalty time: 4 – 6.

Judges: Lobanovsky, Ants (both from Belarus).

March 22. Minsk. DS “Uruchcha”. 300 spectators.

BELARUS – UKRAINE – 36:29 (23:16)

Belarus: Kuntsevich, Burduk; Rudkovskaya (2), Wasilewska (3), Nesteruk (3), Trizno (5), Yejikova (3), Kotina (6), Silitski (4), Artukovic (6) Butcher (1), Mokat, Shamanovska (1) Yaschuk (1), Akhramenko (1).

Ukraine: Timoshenkova, Gladun; Levchenko (5), Vic.Belmas (3), Glibc (9), Horilka (1), Kompaniets (1), MC (2), Smalling (1), Radish (3), Party (2), Dyablo, Wolownik, Gotra (2), Striukove, Melekestsev.

Seven: 5 (4) – 2 (2).

Penalty time: 6 -8.

Judges: Lobanovsky, Ants (both from Belarus).

March 23. Minsk. DS “Uruchcha”. 150 spectators.

Look at sparring in Uruchcha the correspondent “SE” on the one hand, and my Minsk colleagues Victor Kazulina with Sergey Khodasevich, on the other, coincided the minimum. So in any case, it should be. The fact that the female national team of Belarus, participant of the playoffs on the way to the December world Cup 2019.

Wards Slovenian Maestro Tomaia Internet chatter to take the elite of Norway on may 31 in Brest (June 5, “otvetka” in Bergen). While Ukrainian women are started to solve a long equation – as much for the second half of September. Talking about qualification for EURO 2020.

One way or another, and the form of our rivals were a little closer to the fighting. For acting head coach of our national team Natalia Lyapina March the fee was probably somewhere between an acquaintance, playback and streamlining the game future options. It had a lot of cassettes with the deeds of the two Natal – Volovnik and Strukova – shirts Polish “energy” from Koszalin. Certainly less intelligence than about the same Snapaway Yulia and Olga laiuk in Turkish “Kastamonu Belediyesi” competing in the EHF Cup.


The opinion of the mentor – below. Let’s start with the overall picture of the reporting meetings, compiled with the help of those friends of the Belarusian reporters. “I am glad that does not SAG, no role – all positions have competition.” And they have noted his “ability to take control of the game, the ability to change a bad scenario.”

Under the negative story, Victor and Sergey had in mind time to the equator of the first half of Friday’s match and a bit later, when the guests had gone ahead – 10:4, 13:6, 14:10. In the locker room moved with the draw. The second half clearly held the girls, in particular, due to a alternation in the Victoria lines Semenovskoy and Irina Trisno (both GK “Gomel”). 44-minutes, the bench Internet chatter was in demand at around 23:20, and the ending they got served skillful.

If the game is in the ranks of the Ukrainian colleagues identified the the best scorer in the match Evgeny Levchenko plus two IRIN – Glibko and Kompaniets, “for Saturday,” the last as would have changed Anna Radish, and those two have re-earned respect. However, there was another remake of Victoria Timoshenkova parried again “Semitic” from gomelchanka Natalia Cotonou. Local referees Alexander Dynamo Andrei Ants, not to say that the penalty for a bash at the bash, although deletions were discharged Housewives almost flush with the guests…


Another thing is that this time the digital positive asked the national team of Belarus since the very beginning, since “plus 6” they built himself which is 17 minutes (14:8), 43rd (26:20). Regarding column The Best, granted on the eve of the goalkeeper Julia kuntcevich “Gorodnichanka” right Welterweight Christina Erzikova of the Croatian “Podravka”, plus Trisno, my colleagues added the following trio – first, the ubiquitous Cotonou, and polusrednem – Catherine Silitski (imagine how much our Radish and Lesia, Smiling Gomel partners in the team!), coupled with Lily Artukovic of BNTU-BelAZ.

Believe me, I spent more on this list of names of newspaper space for a reason – to let the reader grasp how the experienced opponent a chance to counter on his site. Do not forget and about such legionaries as Anna Yashchuk from the Polish “Elblag”, Valentina Nesteruk from the local “Pearl” (Lublin) and Natalia Wasilewska, neighbor Ira Glibko in the Romanian city of v├ólcea. Specify that we – both in the past and now – most frequent opponent from the Belarusians. Pan Chater a little tweaked them statistics face – to-face meetings with 8 wins compared to 17 from our team, and the same parity in 26 matches.


– Of course, the girls still have to get and to get, – said Nataliya Lyapina in conversation with the author of these lines. – And that was the challenge, to understand, who continue to attract, a young we are entitled to expect, and how to keep the enthusiasm for future official games. I’ll tell you what I want, of course,to achieve results, but more importantly – what’s the potential for something to grow, but if you lose – so it is necessary to analyze.

– It would seem that the attack is visible is the pressure, if we score nearly three dozen under – the logic is always bid to win. However, both times we flew for 36 goals – too much…

– I agree that experienced “beating” of women is not always done. Especially since we have no such rear echelon. As much as she could force, we imposed speed, the combined stable enough Gibco aimed to intercept and counterattack Gotra, a sense of character in young Dyablo. However, not all at once. While doing more of an emphasis on defense and tactical discipline. Very valuable tests, which were held in Koncha-Zaspa research group of the national team. It is no secret that the members of the national team arrive in a different state, but the closer the end of the season, the peak shape suggests.

– By the way, about the state. As far as prevent all sorts of ailments, and whose absence was noticeable in the first place?

– Collection invited 21 handball, and the country had to take – 16. For this, and not otherwise returned to the clubs Christina Buckwheat, Sasha Furmane and Diana Chervyakova, who did a great job on the base and will in General the clip. Sorry, “got” the old trauma of the goalkeeper Judit Balogh, in the infirmary is still linear and is an important figure in the defense of Olga Peredery – and it did not cause. As two of the foundations “of Galychanka” – Irina Stelmakh and Natalya Savchyn, also received damage. Of course, all this has an impact when the time pressure, when Minsk was played only once with the team. However, making this segment positively.

– And personally you do not mind the prefix “acting”?

– You joke, but if seriously, then, like other coaches, I have to go through the Commission. Not say exactly what’s on the schedule of sports, but it is coming. Much more important to me trust and responsibility. First of all, the command in which there is always an atmosphere of unity.

Eugene KAREL, Sport-Express in Ukraine

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