Turchinov numbers explained, what will the defence budget of Ukraine to 2018

Secretary of the national security Council and defense Oleksandr Turchynov took part in the discussion of the defense budget of Ukraine for the year 2018.
Turchinov explained that the formation of the defence budget takes place according to the strategy of national security of Ukraine”, and will not be less than 5% of the gross domestic product”, the press service of the NSDC.
According to him, the defence budget of Ukraine in 2018 will differ realism, “where every penny has planned real content”.
In addition, the hallmark of this budget is that the main funding will come from the General Fund that will be approximately 156,4 billion. A special Fund will be formed only on the basis of proposals of law-enforcement ministries and agencies and is expected to grow at 6.3 billion hryvnias, that is the total funding must be at least 162,7 billion – voiced figures Oleksandr Turchynov.

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