Trump joked on the descent of the American flag

Photo: AmericaRU.com

After repeated attacks on professional athletes, who, in the opinion of the President of the United States, do not respect the American flag, trump decided to make a joke during the ceremony of lowering the flag.

During an interview with trump as the host of “Fox News” Sean Hannity (Sean Hannity), which was held in a huge hangar at the National Guard in harrisburg, heard the melody of lowering the flag.

“What a pleasant sound. They play for me or for you? asked trump, interrupting his speech. – No, they give honor to his rating”.

When the last sentence trump told the audience, referring to the popularity of the program Hannity. Then returned to the topic of economic growth.

The melody of the horn, which was heard by the President, means lowering the flag on the military building. Although trump and studied at the military school, but we can assume that commander did not know the meaning of this song. The white house has refrained from commenting on the matter, but concepts such as tradition and the Charter, including how to treat a flag included in one of the first items for all cadets and students of military schools.

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