Trump has postponed the report “On the situation in the country”

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Trump has postponed the report “On the situation in the country”


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Earlier, the speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi informed the President that the house does not adopt a resolution authorizing him to speak to Congress on January 29

WASHINGTON – After a confrontation with the speaker of the house of representatives Nancy Pelosi President of the United States Donald trump has said he will make a report “About the situation in the country” “after shutdown”.

In the evening on Wednesday, trump tweeted that he will not seek another location for this report, because “no other place can compete with the history, tradition and importance of the courtroom of the house of representatives”.

Trump said that he hopes to make “great” speech “in the near future.”

Pelosi previously asked trump to make a report after the shutdown is complete, the White house tried to ignore her request, declaring that trump continues to rely on the date January 29.

After that Pelosi blocked this move, saying the White house on Wednesday that the House of representatives does not approve the resolution allowing Trump to speak at a joint session of Congress.

The President responded by calling the actions of the speaker “a disgrace”.

“She doesn’t want to hear the truth, – said trump told reporters. – She doesn’t want the American public to know what was happening”.

According to the President, the refusal of the speaker to allow him to speak before both houses of Congress prior to the resumption of work of the government in full would be “a big stain on the incredible country that we all love”.

Trump suggested that the actions of Pelosi will be remembered as “a very negative part of history.”

After that, he announced that Democrats “have become very dangerous party in this country.”

In the afternoon on Wednesday Pelosi said that lawmakers will not allow the President to Trump to speak before Congress with the annual appeal, until the partial government shutdown.

In a letter Pelosi sent to the Tramp, says: “I Bring to Your attention that the House of representatives does not adopt the joint resolution authorizing the President to make an annual address to the lower house (Congress) until then, until will be resumed the government.”

For speech in Congress the President must get approval from lawmakers. For this, they adopt a joint resolution authorizing the President to speak “About the situation in the country.”

Joint resolution – a resolution of Congress, which must be separately adopted by both houses.

Earlier Wednesday, the President trump sent a letter to house of representatives speaker Nancy Pelosi, saying that looking forward to his appeal “On the situation in the country”, to be held on 29 January in the House of representatives.

“It would be very sad for our country if the appeal “On the situation in the country” did not take place on time, on schedule and, importantly, in the right place,” trump wrote in the letter, a copy of which was issued by the White house.

Pelosi previously asked trump to consider the possibility to postpone the treatment due to partial closure of the government, which, she said, causes difficulties with security because the Secret service and the Department of homeland security were in the 25 percent Federal agencies whose work was suspended.

“There’s no problem with the security in connection with the appeal “On the situation in the country.” Therefore, I will accept your invitation and will perform its constitutional duty – to convey to the people and Congress of the United States of America important information about the state of Affairs in the country,” said trump in your letter.

Earlier, the White house announced plans to move the annual address to another location, including at a political rally, depending on whether to continue the “shutdown”.

The President shall annually submit to Congress a report on the situation in the country, but there is no rule requiring that the speech took place in front of the House of representatives and to the Senate.

First, last year’s treatment of trump’s “the state of Affairs in the country” lasted 80 minutes and was one of the most extensive in U.S. history.

Since President Lyndon Johnson (1960-ies) of the address “On the situation in the country,” televised live in Prime time. Johnson shifted the time of treatment at the time, when watching the maximum number of people.

Franklin Roosevelt, the country’s only President who served four terms, was the first who used the name “the state of Affairs in the country” during the Second world war. His successor Harry Truman continued to use this name in 1947, when the appeal was aired on television. Formerly called the “Annual message.”

In 1913, Woodrow Wilson revived the previously existing practice personally to speak. Radio first broadcast the address of Calvin Coolidge in 1923.

Only two presidents have never made the following appeal: William Henry Harrison, who died within a month after his inauguration in 1841 and James Garfield, who was killed six months after taking office in 1881.

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