Trump accused the hearing with Cohen in the failure of his summit with Kim Jong-UN

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Trump accused the hearing with Cohen in the failure of his summit with Kim Jong-UN


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The President said the interrogation of his former lawyer “the new reduction level in American politics”

The US President Donald trump said that the decision of the Democrats to question his former lawyer Michael Cohen at a time when the President was abroad, may have been the reason of the failure of his talks with North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN.

“When the Democrats questioned at public hearings and a liar and a crook, whose only fault is recognized by the court, while a very important summit on nuclear issues with North Korea, is probably the new lower level in American politics, which may have contributed to “care” [c talks],” wrote trump on Twitter on Sunday evening.

Trump was referring to his decision to leave Hanoi without an agreement with Kim Jong-UN about the nuclear ambitions of North Korea.

Cohen, who was a lawyer for the trump for the past ten years, speaking in Congress, called the President a liar, a crook and a racist. He openly hinted at the fact that trump has committed a crime as President, prompting Democrats to be calling for new investigations.

Although trump did not specify how hearings with the participation of the priest affected the summit, he added: “This has never happened when the President was abroad. Shame!”

However, White house adviser for national security John Bolton that appeared in several Sunday morning talk shows, said that the recent summit with the participation of trump and Kim Jong-UN became a failure, although the talks ended without reaching any agreements.

“He is not seeking in whatever was to enter into agreements – either with North Korea or anyone else, if it’s contrary to American national interests,” Bolton said to Fox News channel.

Speaking in the program “face the nation” on CBS, Bolton said that “the President adheres to his opinion”.

“He has deepened his relationship with Kim Jong-UN. I certainly don’t believe in failure, when American national interests are protected”, – said adviser to the White house.

According to Bolton, Kim Jong-UN was ready to make “very limited concessions” and to dismantle the nuclear complex at Yongbyon in exchange for “significant” easing of sanctions.

Bolton described the complex in Yongbyon, as “an aging nuclear reactor”, and stated that Kim Jong-UN was not ready to conclude a “Grand bargain” with the trump.

“It is sanctions that have brought North Korea to the negotiating table. It is the lifting of sanctions they want and can get if you go through with denuclearization,” said he.

Bolton acknowledged that North Korea continues to produce nuclear fuel and said that although further negotiations with the DPRK “no deadline”, they were in limbo.

Bolton also appeared in the program “state of the Union” on CNN, where he defended trump, saying that he believed Kim Jong Ynu “a word” when the North Korean leader said he knew nothing about the alleged torture of an American student, Otto Warmbier in custody in the DPRK.

Student from Ohio in a coma in a North Korean prison and died shortly after he was sent home two years ago.

Bolton said that although trump accepts that said Kim Jong-UN, this does not mean that he perceives it as reality.

“The President has made clear that he believes that Otto Warmbier acted barbaric and unacceptable, and I think that the best thing North Korea can do now is to thoroughly and accurately explain what happened,” said Bolton CNN.

The head of the house Committee on intelligence Adam Schiff called the summit “a spectacular failure”, noting that trump has worsened the situation by his statements about Otto Warmbier.

“The results of a President who is not prepared for such negotiations, this unit is not very well prepared and, in fact, acts spontaneously,” said Schiff, speaking in the program “face the nation”.

In addition, on Sunday, trump explained the cancellation of the spring large-scale military exercises with South Korea saving “hundreds of millions of dollars” that the United States never repay.

“That was my position long before I became President,” trump wrote on Twitter Sunday, adding that “the reduction of tension in relations with North Korea currently is good.”

Pentagon officials say that instead of large-scale maneuvers of the US and South Korea will hold a series of small exercises.

Washington and Seoul are traditionally carried out military exercises every spring to test the combat readiness in the event of escalating tensions with North Korea.

North Korea has always condemned joint us-South Korean exercises, calling them an aggressive provocation and a rehearsal for war.

  • News service “voice of America”


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