Tragedy at Burning Man 2017: the festival has killed a man

At the legendary Burning Man festival 2017 in Nevada (USA) killed a man who jumped into a burning wooden statue.
The Burning Man festival in 2017, devoted to the art, launched on 27 August. On the night of September 4 in the desert of black Rock, conducted a traditional burning of a wooden statue of a man (it is hence the name of the festival “Burning man”).
During the burning of Aaron Joel Mitchell force broke through the border guard and jumped into the burning of the art object. Firefighters tried to pull him from the fire, but the rescue was hampered, as part of the installation is constantly falling. Only after the whole structure fell, managed to get the body of a man.
Flaming sculpture at Burning Man 2017
The victim was taken by helicopter to a nearby hospital, but doctors pronounced him dead. The doctors said that Mitchell’s blood had no traces of alcohol.
“The administration of Burning Man is working with local and Federal law enforcement agencies investigating the death of a man continues,” – said on the official website of the festival.
It is known that the victim – 41-year-old American.

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