Traditions and customs for Christmas in Ukraine: Christmas Carol singers, Nativity scene and divination

Traditions and customs of Christmas in Ukraine is significantly different from the European, or those we see in American movies. Ancient carols, Nativity scene and even the girl’s guessing – that’s what makes the unique traditions of Ukrainian Christmas.
Festive table

Christmas for most families begins with worship. Usually the morning of 7 January families go to Church. And after that, sit at the festive table. While the hostess sets the table, the husband passes the house and sprinkles it with salt, which before consecrated in the Church for protection against evil forces. With the same aim on the 4 corners of the table lay the cloves of garlic.

Also under the cloth put a bit of hay and cents. This is done to ensure that the next year brings wealth. But have in mind not so much material enrichment, but rather a good harvest or something similar.

Unlike Christmas eve, while Christmas dinner is no longer restricted to vegetable food. Usually on the table on this day, ham, sausage, eggs, jelly and many more.

Christmas in Ukraine: the holiday table

Another tradition of Christmas is to leave a spoonful of each dish for spirits of the dead relatives. In ancient times, Ukrainians believed that in the big festivals of the dead relatives come together to celebrate. Now this belief, perhaps, have disappeared, but today many families adhere to this tradition.


Unique Ukrainian tradition are carolers. All three days of the celebrations are accompanied by the singing of Christmas carols. Sing carols at a feast, when you go to each other’s homes. The children also go caroling to neighbors and relatives, and for his song get money or sweets.

By the way, some regions are preparing for caroling in advance and made kostnicka armor: octagonal star, the mask of the Goat, and the like. With these things and go caroling.

Christmas in Ukraine: Christmas carols

Youth Christmas carols

In addition to the children to go caroling and the adults guys. They choose the main – memory ber. They may have musical instruments. First they come to the window, and birch shouts:

Pan gospodar, blagoslovi Christ of slavici! Chi will allow kolyadovat. Kolyadovat, dim veseljaci. Dim sisesti, parenting, suditi, Christ slavici?!

“Please!”, – says the owner.

It becomes a command to the rest of the guys, and everyone starts to sing.


Apart from children can walk and girls. Usually they go caroling in the evening. And in some regions of Ukraine a group of girls go to sing on Christmas eve (January 18).


This is another unique Ukrainian Christmas tradition. A classic story of the Nativity is the story of the birth of Jesus Christ. However, often add to the scenario and the history of the Ukrainian people.

An indispensable attribute of the Nativity Christmas star. Considered a symbol of joy, it is the news of the birth of Jesus. A star made of wood, and then hang colored paper, fabrics and added the brush.

Nativity in Ternopil


This may seem strange, but a long-standing Christmas tradition is divination. Usually, their fate was trying to know girls. They wondered for a good harvest, weather, wealth and, of course, betrothed and marriage.

For divination are often used improvised things. For example, take the candle and Lily her wax in water, as long as the candle was not consecrated. After that, the girls had to see the pattern that would tell them the future.

Divination at Christmas

Christmas traditions: what not to do

According to Church tradition, January 7, you can have Breakfast only after the family returns from Church. The first spoonful should eat the head of the family and bless the meal. Only after that other family members can begin to treat.

Christmas is considered a holiday of charity, therefore, cannot be denied to the needy in charity. There is a kind of charity and gratitude to kolyadovka, so don’t respond to it singing as it is impossible. Also on this day, banned swearing and cursing.

As in most Orthodox holidays at Christmas it is forbidden to sew, to wash, clean, work in the house and do other physical work. Well, the birth of Christ should meet neat, cannot celebrate in the old, dirty clothes.

And yet the best tradition and value of Christmas – spending time with family. So do not forget about your family, create your own traditions and enjoy this holiday.


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