Tourist scandal: Anex Tour gives Ukrainians a memo intended for the citizens of Russia

Travel Agency Anex Tour, which operates on the Ukrainian market and mainly engaged in the organization of holidays in Egypt and Turkey, offers its customers from Ukraine are “a reminder of the tourist” for the citizens of the aggressor country of Russia.

Anex Tour always includes the aforementioned instructions with tips for the Russians to every tour package, and do not hide, says “Browser”.

Tour operator Anex Tour offers Ukrainian clients the “notes traveler” for citizens of Russia

She is a reminder , the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Russia. The document refers to the procedure to be followed by a Russian tourist, if he will have problems abroad. In addition, here tell, how is the check-in, customs control, etc. at Russian airports.

The company gives advice, who developed the Russian foreign Ministry

Note that on the official website of the Ukrainian representative Anex Tour the free access is a valid memo, intended not for the Russian citizens. However, why it is added to the packages is unknown.

The memo also told of how the check-in, customs control, etc. at Russian airports

According to open sources, the tour operator, in addition to Ukraine, also provides services in Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan and resorts in 12 countries. Its Central office is in Moscow.

Anex Tour is also in the registry of the Federal tourism Agency

Last loud scandal with Ukrainian tour operators happened in the summer and fall of 2018. Then, in many tourist countries because of delayed flights, hundreds of Ukrainians became hostages of airports, because it could not fly on holiday or to return home. Most of the problems were the company’s clients Join UP


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