Total son of a bitch

Mr. President, the only truly interesting place of your Big press conference went unnoticed. More precisely — not appreciated. Although the topic was architectually and very painful: the Olympics and doping.

photo: Alex geldings

Perhaps it is the pain of the question and characters provoked you into amazing candor. Only after your words, many first become interested in mission Rodchenkova. And before only vaguely heard where someone harms us first substitute the bottles of urine, then exposes the substitution… And your press conference suddenly revealed miracles.

Question about the Olympics was, as everyone knows, absolutely inevitable. But the organizers decided to move it to a second hour. Skipped forward GDP (not you, but gross domestic product), economy, demographics… And finally:

PUTIN. Obvious to us is the fact that scandal is inflated in anticipation of Russian domestic political calendar (in other words: before the election). We ourselves are to blame, we gave a reason for this. Because it really is a identified real cases of doping… We will have there (abroad), in the civil courts, to help our athletes defend their honor and dignity.

After these your words was small, but important oddity. Usually, when you finish the answer, journalists feel it instantly and start yelling and waving placard, hoping to ask a question. And then they did not have time to open his mouth, how it came into your press Secretary:

SANDS. Give me that microphone, please.

Where is “here”? Agree, Mr. President, it is rather difficult and even a fabulous job, type “go there, do not know where” (it’s not his microphone was needed). But the peddler microphones realized it instantly and correctly. The device turned out to be the one who has a need, and he, looking at the piece of paper, read out the report:

LURIE. The main witness WADA, because the testimony which dismissed our team, Grigory Rodchenkov in 2011 was accused in a criminal case about the illegal trade in doping… After indictment, he tried to commit suicide: he stabbed himself with a knife in alcoholic intoxication. Then a forensic examination found his psychiatric illness: schizotypal personality disorder… Then it like magic, suddenly turns to the witness; of the 12 episodes there is one. And is the head of RUSADA… How can a person who is suicidal, dealing with trade-doping, to lead the Russian anti-doping Agency? Who was behind this? They will be punished those who have covered Rodchenkova?

So that is what a bastard so successfully turned up Russia’s enemies: mad merchant doping, drunk, suicidal.

But for you, Mr. President, in this detailed help (which we’re reduced) was nothing new. While lasts a long report (disguised as a question), you listened to indifferently, but patiently, kindly and nodded. So nods to the teacher who yesterday dictated the homework, and the student repeats today in front of the class last lesson. On the crib. On the top five.

And your answer confirmed our visual observation that there is nothing new you from the question do not know. Your answer was absolutely ready.

PUTIN. Really weird: the man who lived for several years in North America, then came to us… But the fact that he was suspected of distributing performance-enhancing drugs, his sister, in my opinion, was convicted of it… (Shout from audience: “a year and a half”.) Yes, a year and a half. You see, You even know better, I didn’t know. Even more strange to me, for a person who is still in special services and worked for a long time, it is because all this stuff was dragged from North America: from USA and Canada. As it passed through customs with such tight control? He all did it… Yeah, it’s mistake of those people and those structures that brought him there. You cannot work with people who are trying to commit suicide for any reasons. This means that they have mental problems. But the more impossible to base decisions solely on the testimony of these people… In obosnovanno part of the IOC written: first, that he is an honest man; second, that he is under the control of the FBI and protected; and third, that everything contained in his diaries. Sorry, but this is some nonsense. First, who said he was a decent man? If he was on trial, and it is known that he cheated. Second, because he is under the control and protection of the FBI. For us this is not a plus, for us, this is minus, this means that it operates under the control of us intelligence. What they’re doing to him? What they give him drugs to say what you need?

Mr. President, this is a real scandal. On the testimony of the witness to rely it is impossible. If this type of testifying in criminal court, he necessarily would have to undergo psychological and psychiatric examination.

A court-appointed qualified experts would be required to examine Rodchenkova (which in 2011 was discovered a mental disorder, namely, a violation of thinking, emotional-volitional sphere, and “a tendency to demonstrative forms of response”). Experts would have to answer the mandatory questions:

a) does he have a mental disorder?

b) can he correctly perceive and reproduce the events?

C) if he / she has a tendency to pathological fantasizing, leading to distortion or guessing facts?

g) what are the features of his personality, and how they affect the behavior of the object during its activities in Sochi and to testify to WADA?

d) what are the psychological motives of his behavior?

Without this procedure, his testimony in court would be considered void (having no power).

Mr. President, you’re absolutely right: WADA and the IOC had no moral right to establish a suspension of the Olympic team of Russia on the testimony of the scoundrel. (Legal reason to understand.)

You, Mr. President, rightly say: ay-ay-ay, they (enemies) are using a bad man, a criminal… But first this felon we used. And not as a “witness” and as the head of the most important sports of the Olympic structures at the most important for you the Sochi Olympics. Our (your) intelligence agencies, the Prosecutor’s office and others knew that he was a felon. Knew that he was a supplier of doping. And could (had) to guess what his criminal sport activity known to the West. Such and without any drugs say what you need. And the fact that you mentioned these useful drugs, means that we have them, and maybe even apply.


Mr. President, it is a serious problem for the entire quarter-century history of post-Soviet Russia: reliance on the poor. The appointment of tainted on important high positions. So they steal. So they betray. Yes, they are very comfortable for high heads; they are manageable, and ready for anything. But they are scum and will betray required.

You remember, of course, the famous American political saying, “Yeah, that son of a bitch but he’s our sob”. And Rodchenkov, so was our son of a bitch, and now was their son of a bitch. Common.

Now, when everything has already happened, you (be experienced in all senses of the people) finish your answer about Rodchenkova so strange that we should quote the final completely.

PUTIN. And how is it that such a subject was at the head of our anti-doping structure? Error, of course, those who did. I know who did it. But now that talk about it?

If these words are said, not the President of Russia, and some authority medium caliber he would hear in response: “Hey, brother, you no tongue”.

You know who did it. And you know what it led to. And suddenly: “But what now about it to speak?”

Is it not a crime has occurred? If not criminal, then the officer — no doubt. “What now?” but what right have you to determine the Statute of limitations? We smeared in shit from head to toe — until the last jumper, until the last gymnast…

To appoint such trash for such a role could only some of the sports king. Quite six could make Polupanova psycho leader of the anti-Doping Committee of Russia. So, he appointed an influential, important. And so he remains in place for about a dismissal important that we know of.

…How successfully turned up the enemies Rodchenkov. How successfully turned up Lurie to asking question about Rodchenkova. The same Lurie, who was sentenced to eight years ‘ rigorous imprisonment for extortion and fraud. How did it happen that such a person accredited to your, Mr. President, the most important press conference? It’s just a dirty copy of that incident which you Lurie is so cute and discussed in detail.

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