Tortured even children, found the burial of victims of the NKVD


The agents of the NKVD tortured the Ukrainians and their children

In the village of Bilshivtsi Galitsky district, Ivano-Frankivsk region was found a mass grave of victims of repression. Killed them at the local music school. She served as a room for the NKVD. The prisoners who were kept in the basement were members of the Ukrainian underground.

“People had nowhere to even lay down. Every day or every night there were interrogations, beatings, torture, abuse. It was terrible conditions, it was difficult to transfer basic food, medical care generally have nothing to say. Cold, damp. All this led to death. And the bodies probably were hiding somewhere nearby, ” explains the portal Blitz-info historian and Chairman of the society “Memory” Basil Tymkiv.

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The school building, where the NKVD tortured Ukrainians

The locals recall that on the slope buried tortured people. These words were confirmed by the discovery of 150 meters from the school building. In the first minutes of the excavation, the archaeologists came across the bones of 6-year-old child and an adult.

“This is probably the remains of a child, because of the short bones and the pelvis small. Boy or girl it will be clear after the examination,” said the medical examiner Yemelyan Levitsky.

Likely, the child did not survive the conditions in prison.

“The children were judged. Probably, they and their parents had been prepared for deportation. But, unable to withstand all the conditions in prison, the children were killed. This could be due to infectious or respiratory diseases. And could’ve hit Nkvdshnik. Unfortunately, this terrible practice was in those days, ” explains Tymkiv.

Archaeologists of the historical and Patriotic Association “Search” found traces of the mass killings at the village of shums’k in Zhytomyr. 29 women and children, who destroyed the KGB.


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