Top stories January 20: new presidential candidates and the Day of remembrance of the dead “cyborgs”

Ilya Kiva, Dmitry gnap and Alexander Vilkul, the new presidential candidates. In Ukraine celebrated the Day of memory of victims of “cyborgs”. The representatives of Russia in the Donbass campaigning people to get a passport of the Russian Federation. In the train “Kiev – Lviv” under the passengers already broke down twice regiment. In Greece, thousands of people are protesting against the agreement with Macedonia. These were the main news on 20 January in Ukraine and the world.
New candidates for President of Ukraine

The socialist party of Ukraine nominated its leader Ilya Kiva, a presidential candidate in the elections of 2019. This decision of the socialist party adopted at the Congress in Kiev.

On the Facebook page of Kiva posted a video of his speech, during which the politician said: “This is an important step – we return to big politics after 10 years of staying in oblivion”.

He added that participation in presidential elections is the first step that SPU sets itself. The second stage he said elections to the Verkhovna Rada, and the third is a return to the Socialist international and the recovery in the European socialist party.

Watch the video where Kiva says his nomination for President:


Later political party “Power of people” nominated former journalist Dmitry Gnap candidate for the presidential elections in Ukraine. This decision members of the political forces adopted at the 10th national party Congress in Kiev.

“The power of the people” published in the Facebook videos from your Congress, which Gnap said it plans to launch a public fundraising campaign (the process of raising money) in order to collect 2.5 million USD for the fee for the registration of its presidential candidate.

I believe that we must support a single candidate from the democratic camp, if he shows up. (…) But there is one thing. I don’t believe that such a candidate will be that our more experienced politicians from the democratic camp will be able to satisfy their ambitions and unite,
said the former journalist.

What is known about Dmitry Grape? Ukrainian journalist, television host, social activist. He graduated from the philosophical faculty of the Kiev national University named after Taras Shevchenko. He worked as a reporter, editor, news presenter at TV channels “STB”, “First national,” UBC.

In 20012007 years was a member of the political unit (then part) “Our Ukraine”. Since 2008 – head of the public initiative “the Committee of direct action”. In 2012 he founded the Agency of journalistic investigations “Slidstvo.Info”. 2013-2018 was the leader of the project “Slidstvo.Info ” at “Hromadske TV”. In June 2018, has announced that it is in the policy.

Subsequently, in Kiev the participants of the forum “peace and development” put forward the people’s Deputy from the faction “Opposition bloc” Oleksandr Vilkul as the single candidate from opposition forces in the presidential election.

The official website of the party “Opposition bloc” is reported, Vilkul focused attention on four steps that should lead Ukraine to success, and should concentrate on the power immediately after the presidential election: peace, a new Constitution, economic growth and socio tangible results of economic development.

Speakers at the forum supported the position of A. Vilkul, noting that he is the real candidate from the opposition forces, which has the necessary qualities of character, knowledge and experience that can unite citizens and to lead Ukraine to success,
– stated in the message of the party.

We will remind, the first round of voting for the future President of Ukraine will take place on March 31. The official results should report until April 10. If a decision is made on conducting the second round of the presidential elections, held on April 21.

As of today, the documents to the Central election Commission for registration of candidates in presidents of Ukraine was filed by 12 people. Ten of them, the CEC has registered.

Memorial day “cyborgs”

Sunday, January 20, in Ukraine celebrated the Day of memory of victims of “cyborgs”. Holy St. Michael’s Cathedral in Kiev held a memorial service for the victims of Ukrainian defenders of the Donetsk airport.

We should be grateful to those people who first gave his life there, in the Donetsk airport, and kept the enemy. And glory to those who survived, for what they are, no matter what, defended the Ukrainian state,
– said in his speech to the memorial service, the vicar of St. Michael’s Golden-domed monastery Archbishop Agapit.

Panachida for the dead “cyborgs”

In addition, on the same day on the territory of the Ministry of defense hosted an event for the reverence of the fallen defenders of the Donetsk airport. The event was attended by President Petro Poroshenko with his wife Marina, Minister of defence Stepan Poltorak and the relatives of the victims.


We wipala honor to live in one hour iz neimovirna heroes, yaki vzhe become legend. Sapele Protestant Ukrainian wonv s rosyjskimi the violators in the Donatski airport zavershilos noprint January. Not whitemale STN. And from the Ukrainian won Vitali not slagalica I zdobuli Bezsmertny glory. I mean Peremoga! BL I udachnii sponukayut us pam remembered about vsih hto VDDA his life for the freedom I Nezalezhnist Ukrainy… Vcna pam’yat preglem heroes! The glory of human zahisnikov of Donetsk airport! Glory To Ukraine!

Petro Poroshenko Saturday, 19 January 2019 R.

Moreover, on-site outdoor exhibition of the Museum of the ATO in the river also paid tribute to the fallen defenders of the Donetsk airport. The event took place near the installation that simulates the ruins of the destroyed airport.

In memory of the defenders of the participants under the sounds of military orchestra lit 242 blue and yellow candles. By the way, that so many days lasted the battle for the WCT. In addition, the organizers announced a moment of silence.

In memory of the defenders lit 242 candles//Photo: Radio Liberty

What is known about the battles for the Donetsk airport? They lasted from September 2014 until 21 January 2015 and became one of the fiercest in the East of Ukraine. Fighting took place between Ukrainian troops and fighters of the volunteers on the one hand and the forces of Pro-Russian armed groups on the other. 18-21 January 2015 as a result of blasting of the airport terminal killed 58 defenders of Ukraine. On 21 January the decision was taken to withdraw Ukrainian fighters from the new terminal because the airport is completely destroyed and he was unfit for defense.

Defense terminal of the airport lasted for 242 days. Fighting for the Donetsk airport became a symbol of strength and fighting spirit of the Ukrainian troops, but the defenders of the terminals received the nickname “cyborgs”.

Agents of the Russian Federation in the Donbass campaigning to obtain Russian passports

These actions of Russia actually takes the responsibility for the war in the Donbass.

“Recently, there was a certain Nikolai Starikov. He’s held the event and actively lobbied that the residents of Donbass it is necessary to provide Russian passports. It was not the only promise to the residents of Donbas. It’s in all the separatist media has declare”, – said the representative of the Ombudsman Paul Lisyansky.

I see that people want to be drawn into political manipulation and military conflict. The main message is that of the Russian Federation such actions actually takes responsibility in this war in the Donbas, although officially it does not recognize,
– added Lisyansky.

However, he assured that Ukraine will protect its citizens and to defend them by all means. He also noted that such actions of the Russian Federation have no legal force.

By the way, in December 2018, the state Duma gave President Vladimir Putin the right to determine the category of foreigners and persons without citizenship who can apply for the Russian citizenship in a simplified manner. Such are first of all citizens of Ukraine.

“Uz” again “distinguished”

In the passenger train the message “Kiev – Lviv” under the passenger Victor Garponom who tried to take his place, broke the regiment. This is the second time in two weeks.

Victor Garvon wrote that he had a broken shelf in the train No. 110 “Kherson – Lviv” 14 car. In addition, the passenger claims that went on the bottom shelf a deaf-mute passenger who was frightened, but fortunately, no injuries have not received.

Bulging eyes, a shock. She was deaf before the regiment fell,
– said the man.

Also Garvan noted that in the presence of the head of the train and the electrician was drawn up and explanation of the incident.

Moreover, on 8 January in the same train, but in the 10 car, also there is a break ISOFIX top shelf.

Completely broke the rope that held the shelf. Additional clips from the shelf there. Thank God that my husband this time was sitting and had to quickly react,
– wrote passenger trains Svetlana Netdata on Facebook page.

In Greece protests

Tens of thousands of people staged a rally in Athens. The protesters are against the agreement with Macedonia on renaming the Balkan countries.

It is known that civil groups have stepped up a campaign in social networks to attract more demonstrators on Syntagma square to protest. Moreover, local authorities, churches and monasteries rented dozens of buses in the regions, to bring people from all over the country to the capital.

Later, the Greek police used tear gas against the demonstrators. In addition, in Athens in clashes with protesters injured 10 policemen.

It is known that the group of radical protesters threw stones, paint and other objects at police who responded with tear gas. In addition, one man, dressed in the Greek flag, attacked the police with a big stick, while others waved large flags on wooden flagpoles and attacked the officers.


Posted Nedilya, 20 January 2019 R.

According to official data of the police, the protest involved not more than 60 thousand people. This is less than participated in a similar rally in February last year, before signing the agreement, and far below the “more than 600 thousand”, which was expected by the organizers of the protest.

By the way, voting for the agreement with Macedonia in the Greek Parliament will take place next week. It is expected that the government will be able to get the support of most MPs.

What will happen after the entry into force of the agreement with Macedonia? The agreement will put an end to one of the longest in the world diplomatic dispute that began nearly three decades ago with the proclamation of Macedonia’s independence. Since 1991, Athens has denied that Macedonia has the right to bear his name, because Greece has a province of the same name, which in ancient times was the cradle of the Empire of Alexander the great.

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