Top myths about the benefits of the moratorium on the ground that you feed the deputies and officials

I guarantee a decrease in gas prices in 2 times. And I guarantee a decrease in 4 times. And I guarantee you 8 times. I will extend the moratorium for one year. And I will extend the moratorium for 3 years. And I and I and I will extend it to 5 years without the right of correspondence. Auction unprecedented generosity began! And, as always, the most generous, we at the moment manage other people’s money, assets, emotions.

And if for cheap gas pay are not the ones who promise to reduce tariffs, and all citizens of Ukraine, the moratorium on the land market are paid by the owners of the land. First of all. And all citizens of the country, of course, because we are all affected by the lack of investment and foreign exchange earnings from exports. But this is a difficult, almost higher mathematics.

In fact, today, under the Parliament call to come in people who do not have their land, and they must demand that the government continued to forbid to sell the land to those people that have it. Justice in Ukrainian. This can be called a seasonal aggravation. This can be called pre-election season.

Nothing but censorship does not come to mind when you realize that for 17 years, Ukraine has a temporary moratorium on the land market. Which was introduced only in order to finally provide a legal basis. Prepared. Finally.

In this situation, owners of units that those people who were deprived of their right to dispose of his property, unable to understand the people of Khrushchev. Who also live in temporary homes, long obsolete. There simply is nothing more permanent than temporary. And the greater the carelessness and the irresponsibility of officials and deputies, the longer temporary.

But a moratorium only allows the MPs to forget about the problem, close your eyes like a little kid (I don’t see it, then it is not), and officials continue to do nothing. The moratorium is to promote carelessness, irresponsibility. And Yes, corruption too. So, the Parliament must come grandmothers and students with two abstracts that should convince MPs and TV viewers that a moratorium is not necessary to continued to work corruption schemes, and members could relax, but in order to protect ordinary little Ukrainian.

Deputies and officials invent myths about the benefits of the moratorium on land

First, the moratorium is necessary because otherwise from 1 January to start the “wild market” of the earth and the Holy Ukrainian land immediately snatched the oligarchs, deputies, Chinese and reptilians. And nobody thinks that if this were so, the deputies never would have extended the moratorium. They are not the enemies themselves. This is not true. As is often the case with the theses of the populists who claim that populism is not the way to achieve power, and serving people (which is not true). Now, the moratorium is valid until the adoption of the law on the circulation of land, even if the deputies did not renew his, he would remain in force until the deputies themselves would not accept the law.

Those people pissing Granny square, lying. It would seem, why lie, if you go for the right cause. The answer, as the classic is smart enough to do. By the way, they continue to lie when they say that bill yet. Well, it is logical after all, only 17 years have passed, where does it come from. In General, this again is not true. Because the Parliament was at least three of those. Just “chasi”. In the end, 17 years of waiting, let him wait.

The extension of the moratorium will not affect the launch of the land market, the wild run. It only allows to justify their inaction. And here it is easy to believe why his love to renew the Ukrainian deputies. In fact more than the inaction of the Ukrainian MPs, like corruption. A moratorium is a two in one. A perfect composition. By the way, not about all the MPs speech. Last year there were 69 of decent people who voted against the moratorium. See how many of them there now, before the election.

And second. The second point for posters of grandmothers and students. Their calls to protest under the pretext that the General population against the land market. An excellent argument. We have the population speaks a lot against something. For example, anti-vaccination. And the kids are always against dentists. So let’s let no one treats teeth. After all, children mind. Maybe ask people not to put it all the deputies in the jail? The answer too is ambiguous.

The question is, what if the Ukrainians want to live in Poland, or better than, in Poland, for this we need to do something. And can do not the politicians and statesmen because politicians are always thinking about the next election, but statesmen – on the following generations. And nobody supports massively structural reforms. Because it hurts. It’s uncomfortable. It makes to get out of the comfort zone. When the Polish authorities in the 90s made the necessary changes so that people in Poland are now living well, he hated them all. They are no longer selected. But the poles now living well. And that Ukrainians go to Poland to collect the strawberries, but not Vice versa. In Poland there is a land market, and in Ukraine it is not.

Because Ukrainian politicians, in their lust for power, was always based not on what we need to do, and appealed to what people will like. If children all the time to feed chocolate candy as they like, periodically contributing to the diversity of a McDonald’s, a healthy person it will not work. Same thing with the economy. And with the reforms. Let’s decide what we want. To live well or to get it back as it is now. This is the main issue. He should ask before you put all the other questions about whether you support reform or not.

Moreover, even now, in the crazy field of Ukrainian sociology, the support of the land market in the public polls are now lower and sometimes higher than other reforms. Privatization, judicial reform, health reform, not to mention the reform of Naftogaz and the electricity tariffs. Yes, much of the support or non-support is determined by how you put the question. And even more surprisingly, when I asked people who have no land.

Reform is painful and uncomfortable

Ukrainians need to grow up. And rationally, in adults, to answer the question of whether they want a change. And if so, it may have to do the same, what has made successful people. After all, if an athlete tells you that in order to be in good shape, you must eat right and a lot of exercise, it is unlikely that you can achieve the same, just eating chocolates.

Moreover, the Ukrainians must allow other Ukrainians to be adults. And allow them finally to own their own property. This is what we would like to remind here, in financial literacy.


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