Top model Ukrainian 4 season 8 issue: candid photoshoot, kisses and tears on the project

The fourth season of “Top model in Ukrainian” was launched on 1 September. The new eighth edition of “Top model po-Ukrainski”, the audience saw on October 20. The project has 13 participants competed for participation in the show in complex tasks.
The project “Top model in Ukrainian” season 4 has left 6 participants — Karina Kiriluk, Dmitry Zabolotsky, Irina simchich, Vladislav Dunaev, Mikhail Kukharchuk, who decided to leave the project, Anastasia Panova and Elizabeth Dorenko. 8 edition of the show was devoted to the choice — in each trial participants had to exercise maximum self-determination.
Photo shoot in the style of “Nude”
During the first test — photo shoot parties were given the right of choice to be photographed in the Nude or in a time frame to destroy personal belongings. Such a difficult condition was announced to the participants before the beginning of the filming of a social nature. Her idea is to show the world how a lot of unnecessary things people buy.
The opinions were divided: some were strongly against ripping or burn your favorite jeans and t-shirts. Others to be naked in public. But those who agreed to pose naked, keeping things turned out to be more.

Top model Ukrainian 4 season 8 issue: photoshoot in the style of “Nude”

Shooting was complicated by the weather conditions. It was that may morning it was raining, and the temperature was 5 degrees. Posed the model on the bus, completely full of passengers: couples in love, elderly people, families with children. Not all participants easy was the decision to undress in public.

Top model Ukrainian 4 season 8 issue: photoshoot in the style of “Nude”
Some doubted until recently, and Irina Maisak and generally refused to participate in the photo shoot. The greatest pleasure of shooting was Elena Feofanova. She’s even completely naked for a good shot.

Top model Ukrainian 4 season 8 issue: photoshoot in the style of “Nude”
Best steel Elena Feofanova and Daniel gold. As a gift they could each recruit a team for the next test.
Shooting in advertising
The next challenge is shooting in a real advertising, because nobody had such permission. The captains of both teams had to choose in which ads will be shot by the participants. Feofanova chose a beer commercial, and gold water.
A beer commercial used regular sunflower oil! It was very unexpected for the participants because they had to drink it and not to show disgust. And not only is the oil caused the problem, but the words that needed to be voiced. The languages of the participants was slurring like they’re really drinking beer. Ekaterina Prigoda drank too much oil, so after the competition it was bad.
The team of Daniel Gold needed to advertise the water. The participants had to drive on the Bicycle exerciser and pronounce advertising slogan. As it turned out, not all participants were able to conquer imaginary mountain, but to ride a bike.
Top model Ukrainian season 4 8 the issue: an erotic advertising cream
Fashion quiz
Fashion quiz includes 8 stages that participants must be in pairs. At one stage — they get thousands model dollars, if the stage they are not — then by all means “burn”. And the more they earn money the easier it will be during the next contest. Excitement broke out badly!
We had to choose two participants that are in the best shape. They were Elena Feofanova and Revan of Paluch. They would have to eat the whole cake and well with the pose. The next stage is for those with beautiful legs. And they turned out to be Daniil Zolotov and Victoria Rogaliky — they had to make each frame in pairs of shoes, which was a lot! And even different sizes.

Top model Ukrainian 4 season 8 issue: fashion quiz
The next stage is for participants with a nonstandard face. They were Catherine Prigoda and Irina Maisak. Girl bravely endured the trials and went and got pierced.
The sexiest identified Samvel Tumanyan and Anastasia Gladchenko, they had to passionately kiss. Most nervous Sergey Pastry who care about Nastya. After that she even cried, but the relationship with Sergei managed to keep.

Top model Ukrainian 4 season 8 issue: passionate kiss in the project
Couple who loves animals — Maria Shevchenko and Dmitry Kharlamov. They had to mock those people who behave like pigs. Participants wearing masks in the form of a pigs head. It looked very impressive, but fun Masha and Dima received little.
For the next stage, the participants received not only money, but also the immune system. A couple that is fighting for it, Sergey Sosnovskiy Pastry and Max. The guys immediately regretted! After all, they had to advertise the cream for the feet and lick the toes of his partner.

Top model Ukrainian season 4 8 the issue: an erotic advertising cream
Svyatoslav Boyko during the following step was to shave his head. And the party loves their hair. Svyatoslav agreed and allowed himself to shave.

Top model Ukrainian 4 season 8 issue: Svyatoslav Boyko lost their hair
At the final stage, Maria Shevchenko and Kateryna Prihoda had to make a frame for advertising of intimate shaving. But fortunately, it was just a provocation! Sergey Nikityuk noted that often in life the model will have to make a choice between moral principles and the monetary reward. The expert reminded that every choice will have its consequence.
Having successfully completed the test, the participants received money and one immunity, which was awarded to Irina Maisak. For the money the participants could purchase the podium from best to worst, which vary in their price. Participants were required to dress in accordance with its podium, one of whom was just shot down with boards.
Day selection
During the discussions between the participants, a fight broke out. Svyatoslav decided fists to prove to max that he deserves to stay on the project. But the project is not due to strength but due to its abilities. The nomination came Sergey Pastry and Samvel Tumanyan.
In the category for guys who were expecting a continuation of the photo shoot and this time they had to destroy the clothes of his rival. And the sooner they will have a shot — the more things will be able to keep and stay on the project.
Top model “in Ukrainian” is a model reality show, which gives the ability to conquer the world of high fashion for young people, regardless of gender. Here on equal terms for the title of top model struggling boys and girls from different parts of Ukraine. No teams — everyone for himself.
In the project three experts, each a guru in your field. They offer participants a variety of tests to prepare the graduates of Model school to work in the world of high fashion.
Mentors in the fourth season of “Top model in Ukrainian” began Sonia, Placidus, Konstantin Borovsky and Sergey nikitiuk.
Leading the project “Top model in Ukrainian” season 4 — world known top model of Ukrainian origin Alla Kostromicheva. She is working with fashion houses Alexander McQueen, Hermes, Christian Dior, YSL, Givenchy; multiple appearance on the covers of magazines Vogue, L’officiel, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle. Now Alla will be present at the auditions. Leading the mission is to help the experts to deal with the unprecedented number of participants.
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