Tomos, ratings Poroshenko and hostages of the Kremlin – the main themes 2018: comments Kazarina

The most important public events that occurred in 2018 – military situation, Tomos, ratings Poroshenko, “EuroBLECH” and attacks on activists. About the main themes in live 24 channel told journalist Pavel Kazarin.
On the release of Ukrainian hostages

E the collective of Washington, which still includes Brussels, would be likely to achieve from Vladimir Putin some action. In the mind of the leaders of the Kremlin to make concessions – it means to surrender. For 2018, none of the Ukrainian hostage did not return home, because the keys to their fate in Moscow, not in Kiev. And get them to access only the player, which Moscow considers as equals.

On the readiness of Ukrainians to come to Maidan

Ukrainians take to large-scale rallies when they are against what or against whom to protest. Now so strong “anti-heroes” no. Both the Maidan were United by the fact that it was a protest in the first place, not for something but against something. In this sense, for example, Viktor Yanukovych was such a universal figure, which was annoying as ethically and aesthetically. And against him was easy to come to protest.

How Tomos will affect the ratings of Poroshenko

Getting Thomas and the creation of a Single local Church is an event which will enter 2018 in Ukrainian history textbooks. These are things that cannot be upgraded. It is clear that the President enjoys and will use this situation in a presidential election. However, there is doubt whether it will give him high ratings. It is not necessary to exaggerate the level of ordinary otserkovlenie Ukrainian society


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